American Dragon Jake Long

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This is a list of secondary characters in the American animated television series American Dragon: Jake Long.


Family Members[]

  • Andrew: Jake's little cousin and Greggy's little brother
  • Aunt Cathy (Amy Hill): Susan's sister and Greggy's mom. She and Susan seem to have an ongoing competition with each other. Cathy tends to subscribe to the illusion that Greggy's dragon powers are superior to Jake's and presents herself as completely unimpressed by Jake's skill.
  • Aunt Mai : She is one of Jake's relatives. In ''Feeding Frenzy'', she was going to let Jake play with her teeth.
  • Aunt Patchouli Long (Wendie Malick): Jonathan's sister. Like her brother, she is unaware that her sister-in-law and niece and nephew are from a long line of dragons. She is also unaware that her longtime love-interest Stan is actually a troll despite having known him from college.
  • Great Aunt Chiu: She is one of Jake's relatives. In Feeding Frenzy she can't transformed into a dragon because she have servere allergies.
  • Gregory, aka Greggy (Will Friedle): Jake's annoying cousin. Appears in "Feeding Frenzy", where it's shown that he has recently developed his own dragon powers, yet has much less skill in using them compared to Jake (admittedly, he is one year younger than Jake, so he is inexperienced). Despite that he is younger than Jake, he acts like he is older and believes that his dragon skills are far more superior. Although, it is shown that he is very immature, battles included, and Jake is far more skilled.

Other Family[]

  • Ms. Spudinski: Spud's Mom runs the Familio Festevedro restaurant in Little Italy.
  • Mrs. Carter (T'Keyah Crystal Keymah): Trixie's mom
  • Colonel Hank Carter (Phil Morris): Trixie's dad , An Air Force Pilot
  • Marnie Lockjelly (Paige Moss): The girl at her dad's workplace of Jake's dad boss Mr. Lockjelly.
  • Mr. Lockjelly: Jake's dad boss, and the daughter of Marnie is Jake's age
  • Officer Morton: Brad's Father is the NYPD Cop
  • Jake Long Junior: Jake and (Probably Rose's) future son in Bite Father Bite Son
  • Rose's Parents: Rose was stolen at birth from her parents by the Huntsclan.
  • Judge Glamis Cutler: Most important food critic in the five boroughs. He writes the "Food Court" column for The Bugle.
  • Leonard Cutler: His father is Judge Glamis Cutler, the food critic.
  • Millard Fillmore: The thirteenth President of the United States, for whom Jake's middle school is named.
  • Millie Fillmore: President Fillmore's six-year old great, great, great, great, great granddaughter.


  • Jaren MacArthur: Rose's favorite singer his song is "Girl, dont be trippin"
  • Jasma Sancere: Soap stars Thad & Jasma, who have been married 7 times on TV are married for the first time in real life and on TV in a secret televised ceremony catered by Jake's Mom.
  • Ron Slam: Motivational speaker. Author of The Grindstone: Is Your Nose To It?
  • Shaniqua Chulavista': Jake's favorite pop star is Shaniqua C. Her new hit single is: Baby, Don't Be Frontin
  • Thad Rochefort-Chaise (Rob Paulsen): Soap stars Thad & Jasma, who have been married 7 times on TV are married for the first time in real life and on TV in a secret televised ceremony catered by Jake's Mom.
  • Tommy King: Skater pro who works for Brad before he was fired

Magical Allies[]

Recurring Characters[]

  • Bertha (Edie McClurg): The dim-witted giantess with a persistent foot-odor problem who first appeared in "Eye of the Beholder" as a beauty pageant contestant. Later appeared in "The Hunted", as one of the captured magical creatures that Jake met. She also had a cameo in "Family Business".
  • Brocamas (Dee Bradley Baker): The leprechaun proprietor of "Pot O' Gold Import-Export". He hired Jake as personal protection with a large salary of leprechaun gold in "Fool's Gold". He unknowingly sold an Aztec crystal skull to the Huntsman which Jake unknowingly delivered to him, but immediately started to help Jake when he discovered the truth. He appears once more in "Switcharoo" in which Haley and Jake switch bodies.
  • Petite Messenger Fairy: a fairy sends mail to Jake
  • Sara & Kara (Oracles) (born sometimes November or December 1991[citation needed]) (Tara Strong): Twin oracle sisters who are descendants of the Oracle of Delphi. All of their visions of the future are 100% accurate, although they are not able to control when or where they have predictions, nor are they able to specifically choose what or where they predict. Also, when a vision appears they blurt it out loud, they are unable to keep it to themselves. Sara is always chipper, optimistic, and constantly happy, yet only receives visions of bad things to come. Kara is always more gloomy and pessimistic, yet only receives visions of good things to come. The discrepancy is explained in "Body Guard Duty"; because Sara only sees bad, even the smallest good news can make her incredibly happy; whereas Kara sees only good things, so all the pleasant surprises and joys of life are ruined. In Season 1, both Sara and Kara were redheads. In Season 2, Sara is a blonde and Kara has jet-black hair.
  • Silver (Kari Wahlgren): An intelligent mermaid, graduated "aqua cum laude" at Atlantis U., suffering from aquaphobia. First appeared in "The Hunted", as one of the captured magical creatures that Jake met. Though overcoming her fear of water for that moment, she still has occasional re-lapses. She currently dwells in the East River mermaid city of Mermopolis, working in the "Mermaid/Dry-Lander Relations" department (see "Something Fishy This Way Comes"). In Season 1, Silver was a brunette and wore a pink t-shirt. In Season 2, Silver's hair is a silver-light blue and wears an aquamarine tank top with a matching headband and necklace.
  • Shark Lady (Kari Wahlgren): A shark-woman who resides in the ocean near Florida. She helped Jake in trying to thwart Tiburón's plan in flooding the North American continent in "Feeding Frenzy". She was also one of the blind dates set up with Lao Shi in "Something Fishy this way Comes". She also has a cameo appearance in "Nobody's Fu", in which she is at a card game where Fu is playing instead of helping Jake.
  • Yeti: One of Fu Dog's Go Fish card game buddies.
  • Stan Lipkowski (Don Lake): A one-eyed troll that lives under the sewers of New York City. First appeared in "Old-School Training" as an old friend of Fu Dog. It's revealed later in "Adventures in Troll-Sitting" that he attended NYU in the 80's, where he met Jake's Aunt Patchouli. He made a guest appearance in "Halloween Bash", attending Jake's Halloween party.
  • Tooth Fairy (Edie McClurg): The well-mannered fairy who collects children's teeth and grants them money in return. First appeared in "The Legend of Dragon Tooth", and later appeared as a Beauty Contest judge in "Eye of the Beholder". Also appeared at the end of "Hong Kong Nights" as one of Jake's "warriors" to help fight the Dark Dragon.
  • Veronica (Tara Strong): An arachne who works in the Magus Bazaar. She's also a love interest of Fu Dog's. She helped Jake fight the Dark Dragon in "Hong Kong Nights".
  • Morty the Troll: He is a friend of Fu Dog's from the sewers. But it shows Morty is tuff on Fu Dog, because Fu didn't pay the money back to him. Spud said a friend of Fu Dog's stopped by and Spud said Come on in Morty. Morty arrives with a baseball bat and says Where's the Money?! Morty the Troll was seen in Keeping Shop.
  • Ralph the Goblin: A talking goblin who doesn't have a lizard tail. He used to be working for the Huntsclan for the Orb of Malarfuse. He is now Fu's sidekick. He may not have a tail, but he still has a sensetive smell. If he helps rescue Jake, he can be free. Ralph is seen in Shapeshifter.
  • Dragon of France: A dragon killed by Strigois.
  • Dragon of Agraba: Another Dragon killed by Strigois.
  • Imppy: An imp from Fu Dog takes a walk.

Other Magical Allies[]

  • Ben the Fish: Fish guy knows the reward of Rotwood's apprehension
  • Big Ernie: Fu Dog's lookie
  • Balthazar: A professional prankster elf.
  • Clooney: A neurotic leprechaun with persistent bad luck. He constantly tosses a gold coin, trying to guess what side will land, but is wrong every single time. Appeared in "The Hunted".
  • Councilor Andam (Clarence Williams III): He is the Dragon of Africa and one of the members of The Dragon Council. He administrates the "Test of Wisdom in Battle".
  • Councilor Kulde (Jeff Bennett): He is the Dragon of Europe and one of the members of The Dragon Council. He administrates the "Test of Judgement in Fire".
  • Councilor Kukulkhan: He is the Dragon of Central America and one of the members of The Dragon Council.
  • Councilor Omina: She is the Dragon of Atlantis and one of the members of The Dragon Council.
  • Cupid (Nestor Carbonell)
  • Dragon of Japan: He is a member of the Dragon Council with two swords
  • Esmerelda: Fu Dog's Go Fish buddies
  • Lavender Goblin: Another one of Fu Dog's Go Fish buddies.
  • Fred Nerk (born 1991 or 1992[citation needed]) (Adam Wylie): The first dragon protector of Australia, whose premiere fame was quickly shut down upon Jake Long becoming the first American Dragon. In "Dragon Summit", he showcased his competitive nature in a "prank battle" with Jake, and also during a race against him around the Isle of Draco for Jake's "Courage in Flight" Dragon Test. After being rescued by Jake from the unexpected interference of the Dark Dragon (at the cost of him losing the race), Fred ultimately came to respect Jake and treat him as a friend.
  • Hobie (Daryl Sabara): An eight-year-old, 400-pound giant who is a big fan of the King Extreme Wrestling League (K.E.W.L.). In "Ring Around The Dragon" (his only appearance), he ran away from his village to become a professional in the league, under the care of King Hammer. He had a dislike for his parents' protectiveness (shown by them sending Jake coming to try and bring him home), but then thought otherwise after stopping Hammer from kidnapping the population of his village to fill the roster of his wrestling league.
  • Inga, Sven, and Uta: Elves who work as caterers for Susan Long's catering company (see "Jake Takes the Cake"), which serves both magical and non-magical creatures alike.
  • Jasmine (born August or September 1990[citation needed]) (Lacey Chabert): A teenage girl who is also a nix. In "Dragon Breath", Jake brought her to his school dance as his date (after Brad already took Rose), unaware of her warnings that she had to be home at an exact time (the point when the moon reaches the exact center of the sky). Jake ignored her warnings, and she transformed into her monstrous shape, nearly stealing all the souls of the students at the dance until Jake managed to stop her.
  • Madge the Motivational Unicorn: A talking unicorn doll that Sun Park gives to Haley when she begins her stint as American Dragon ("for when things get stressful").
  • Marty (Ron Masak): The (current) Grim Reaper. He appears in the episode "Family Business". He is an old friend of Fu's (and notorious for playing practical jokes) and throughout the episode, they have a prank battle. Fu wins by paying brownies to dress up as another Grim Reaper causing Marty to pass out on the floor. It's revealed that Marty wasn't always the Grim Reaper (he had to best the former Reaper to claim the position), and had several "dead-end" (pun intended) jobs, such as a grocery-store cashier, a cruise director, and a fitness instructor. Marty farts alot after consuming sauceage rolls.
  • McBreen: A Leprechaun who lives in New York City.
  • Mister. Krunkers: An old gnome who works as a surrogate magical guardee at the DMC (Department of Magical Creatures)
  • Pix McGee (Mindy Sterling): Jake's personal magical assistant (PMA). Appeared in "The Doppelganger Gang".
  • Reggie the Brownie: A brownie with anger-management problems (though he claims that he manages to get angry just fine). Appeared in "The Hunted".
  • Sam Spark (James Arnold Taylor): A pixie photographer for the popular magical magazine, Magicweek. Appeared in "Family Business".
  • Skinny Vinnie: big guy at Magical World
  • Winifred: A young Beautiful, yet hideous Witch. Proprietor of Winifred's Magic Shop in Magus Bazaar.
  • The Witches of Woodstock : Annika, Monica and Bubonica - three smokin' hot young witches who live on a secret island on the Hudson.
  • Iris The Cyclops: A female cyclops who is not to large than a reagular cyclops. She is seen in The Eye Of The Beholder. She hates Gargoyles. She was not happy about Fu Dog's joke called Pupil For the Day and she ate Fu's rose. She likes Fu when Fu disguised himself as Fuella. She figured out that Fuella was Fu Dog. She rescued Fu from Eli Pandarus. She was very pround of Fu that she made she and the other girls happy.
  • Suzey the Goblin: A female goblin who is seen in The Eye of the Beholder. She never speaks before. After she rescued from Eli Pandarus, she returned back into New York with the other Girls and she finally spoke.

Students and faculty of Millard Fillmore Middle School[]

Date 13

Jake and Danika

Recurring Characters[]

  • Danika Honeycutt (born either November or December 1991[citation needed]) (Jessica Di Cicco): A girl who Jake developed a crush on in "Siren Says". Trixie, Spud and Fu (but mostly Trixie) were convinced that she was a siren who was bent on destroying Jake. In the end, Trixie showed Jake that she was wearing a necklace that contained siren powers and Jake started to think that she was a siren, Danika said that the real siren had given it to her and she angrily told Jake off for accusing her of being a thief. Jake realized she wasn't a siren, but it was too late to save their relationship. In "Being Human", she has forgiven Jake for what happened, and appears to still have some apparent interest in dating him again as she agrees to be his graduation partner.
  • Kyle Wilkins: (born late September 1992[citation needed]) A boy at Millard Fillmore Middle School whom Trixie is completely obsessed with. His brother appeared in "Haley Gone Wild". He may return some of Trixie's feelings as he is shown to be her graduation partner. Trixie is fond of him and often describing him as "fine as lemon-lime in the summertime".
  • Principal Dolores Derceto (Susan Blakeslee): The former principal of Millard Fillmore Middle School. In Season 2, it is revealed that she is actually an undercover mermaid detective who was sent to investigate the whereabouts of the Kelpie after its escape from Mermopolis in "Something Fishy This Way Comes". She also had a short relationship with Lao Shi, though after the Kelpie was apprehended, she was forced to relocate and take a new undercover assignment elsewhere, forcing her to end the courtship. She reappeared for a short time in "Furious Jealousy" to inform Jake that Fury had been released from stone.
  • Professor Hans Rotwood (Paul Rugg): Jake's harsh and slightly deranged schoolteacher, and the main nemesis in Jake's "normal" life. He has an obsessive interest in magical creatures, with his ultimate goal being to find and capture a magical creature to prove once and for all that they exist. This obsession caused him to lose an earlier job at a prestigious University, explaining his insistence that students and others refer to him as "Professor Rotwood" rather than "Mr. Rotwood." Although Rotwood has shown an extensive knowledge of the magical world (having shown reasonably accurate knowledge of subjects such as Taranushi's Chalice, dream charms, and Sasquatchs), he is prone to frequent, major inaccuracies (such as his initial belief that dragons have pea-sized brains and smell vaguely of lavender) which often thwart his attempts to expose magic to the human world. He has, nonetheless, come to suspect that Jake may, in fact, be a dragon in human form. In "Something Fishy This Way Comes", Rotwood becomes the new principal of Millard Fillmore Middle School, after Principal Derceto "unexpectedly departed". In "The Rotwood Files", Rotwood finally confirms that Jake is a dragon and vows to expose Jake's secret to the world. In Magical Enemy #1 he exposes Jake's secret to the school through his permanent records and creates a Freak of the Year category. He has Jake nominated for it in an attempt to anger him enough to dragon up and allow Rotwood to get his much needed evidence. In addition, he reveals some of his motives to Jake such as the belief that by exposing magical creatures, it will allow for them to exist in harmony with humans.
  • Stacey Wintergrin (born January 1992[citation needed]) (Tara Strong): One of the three co-captains of Millard Fillmore Middle School's cheerleading squad. Though very stuck-up and snobby to many people outside of her popular clique, Spud has become obsessed with trying to win her heart. Despite his affection, Stacey quickly runs, screaming in horror, at any physical contact (or even friendly greetings) made by him. However, in "Furious Jealousy", Spud falls for one of Fury's lies when she tells him that she wants to use her power to do good for the world, but in order to do so, she needs a bracelet that will restore her powers. Afterwards she apparently uses mind control to make Stacy like Spud (she begins to secretly see him while in public pretending she still hates him). Spud soon realizes that Fury just used him to free her sisters and to permanently imprison Jake in stone and drop him in the Hudson River, and he helps save the day. Back at school, Spud tries to tell Stacey that it's okay if she dumps him for Nigel Thrall, but she tells him that she likes him because he came up with an idea for a dance to please her and together, they share a dance in the janitor's closet. Presumably they continue to date in secret after this now that Spud has finally won her over by himself. In "Being Human" she appears and considering the fact that she's Spud's graduation partner, they are still dating and their relationship may be more public as she clearly agreed to be his partner.

Other Students and Faculty[]

  • Carol St. Carmine: Preppie hottie at Jake's school.
  • Coach Sackerson: The coach is identified as "Mr. Finny" in the yearbook photo
  • Courtney: Rose's best friend and one of the tallest girls in school.
  • Frederick Buttersleeves: Kid in Jake's class who had to go to the nurse's office in the 4th grade with a cricket up his nose. He plays the tuba.
  • Joshua: A Goth boy at Jake's school. Dating Trisha from the cheerleading squad.
  • Junkman Sawyer: The dumpster truck guy
  • Nigel Thrall (Adam Wylie): Fillmore Middle School exchange student.
  • Lacey (Kay Panabaker): One of the three co-captains of Millard Fillmore Middle School's cheerleading squad. She has dark red braids.
  • Ms. Jenkins: the drama coach at Jake's junior high.
  • Miss. Kinder: A teacher in Jake's school
  • Mr. Carlson: A teacher in Jake's school
  • Mr. Lott: A teacher in Jake's school
  • Mr. Mack: A teacher in Jake's school
  • Mrs. Merker: A teacher in Jake's school
  • Ms. Birch: Haley's teacher at the School for Gifted Children
  • Mrs. Rose: The dance teacher
  • Sleppy Keith: Kid in Jake's school
  • Tracey (Brenda Song): One of the three co-captains of Millard Fillmore Middle School's cheerleading squad. She has black hair worn in a spiky ponytail.
  • Trisha: A member of the cheerleading squad. Dating Joshua the Goth boy

Junior Counselor[]


Recurring Villains[]

  • Bananas B (Adam Wylie): Banana's is a talking monkey with an austrailian accent who has a very hip-hop and arrogant persona and became Jake's replacement Animal Guardian after Fu got suspended. However, things took a turn for the worst when Chang escaped prison in an attempt to slay Jake. Fearing for his life, Banana's joined her and assisted her in her attempt to slay Jake. He reappears in "Being Human" and "The Hong Kong Longs", further assisting Chang in her villainy. During the final battle in "Hong Kong Longs", he decides to leave when the Dark Dragon starts to lose, only to be chased away by Fu Dog.
  • Chick Boomgarden: Another person who is not truly evil, but is the owner of "Boomgarden Electronics", which has been a tough competitor for Lao Shi's Canal Street Electronics, even using Lao Shi as the "incompetent retailer" in his ads to drive business away from Lao Shi. Introduced in "Supernatural Tuesday".
  • Councilor Chang (Lauren Tom): A former member of the Dragon Council (as the Dragon of Asia). She was very intolerant of Jake's irresponsible behavior as a dragon, and relished in any moment to try and expel him from his duties. It was revealed in "Dragon Summit" (and to the characters of the show in "Hong Kong Nights") that she was working with the Dark Dragon to help his plan of overthrowing the human dominance of the world, restoring power to magical creatures. At the end of "Hong Kong Knights", she is incarcerated for her crimes against the Dragon Council. However, in "Nobody's Fu", it is discovered that she has broken out of prison in an attempt to get revenge on Jake and Lao-Shi. In "Being Human", she along with Bananas B attempted to cast a spell to restore the Dark Dragon to power. Though they were defeated and trapped in a cave, the spell was completed and the Dark Dragon returned. In "Hong Kong Longs", Chang assisted the Dark Dragon in fighting the dragons, only to be trapped in a sphinx hair net by Haley and Sun and falls down the mountainside.
  • Eli Excelsior Pandarus (Jonathan Freeman): Pandarus is a rich and famous hotel owner, who in reality is a dark wizard who uses his magic to control Wall Street, with his ultimate goal being to take over the world. He greatly resembles multi-billionaire Donald Trump. He is also a descendant of Pandora. First appeared in "The Heist", where he had stolen a large collection of leprechaun gold. Later appeared in "Eye of the Beholder", where he sponsored a beauty pageant on his private island to execute a plot to grant him great power. He once again returns in "A Befuddled Mind" where he plans to open Pandora's Box to take over the world. In Season 2, Pandarus appears more ruthless and hands-on in his villainy.
  • Fury, Euryale (Hynden Walch), and Medusa: Three Gorgon sisters who terrorized Ancient Greece. Their ability to turn people to stone was used against them by a Greek warrior using a reflective shield and their statued forms were scattered until an accident in the museum freed Fury. Alone, Fury has the power to hypnotize whomever she chooses, but when all three are together, they can turn anyone into stone. First appeared in "Bring It On". They are currently imprisoned in stone at the bottom of the Hudson River. Fury returns in "Furious Jealousy" when a ship anchor destroys her stone prison. She then tricks Spud to give her a bracelet that will help her free her sisters so they can trap Jake in the same stone prison and drop him in the Hudson River, just like they were. In the end, Medusa and Euryale are freed and Spud realizes he was tricked. With Nigel's help, they save Jake who uses glasses to use their powers against themselves. Medusa and Euryale are once again imprisoned in stone and fall into the river, but a terrified Fury flees after Jake decides to let her go and get her another day.
  • Herbert the Goblin (John DiMaggio): The Goblin crime boss of New York. First appeared in "Dragon Breath", hustling Fu Dog about his massive gambling debts that he owes to him. He later appeared in "Body Guard Duty", where he tried to kidnap the Oracle Twins to help him land big bets for the Ogre Bowl.
  • Huntsboy #88 (Kyle Massey): He is one of the Huntsman's two new teenage apprentices. He has a very hip-hop and arrogant persona (ironically similar to Jake), and constantly argues with #89. Both he and #89 believe that they are truly some of the greatest dragon slayers in the Huntsclan. In reality, they are cowards who show fear in the presence of real dragons such as Jake and Lao Shi. He and #89 have witnessed that Rose/Huntsgirl may actually be working with the American Dragon who they don't know is Jake. He and #89 are the only known members in the Huntsclan left alive after Rose's wish in "Homecoming".
  • Huntsboy #89 (Nicholas Brendon): The Huntsman's other new apprentice. He acts very foolish and cowardly (especially in Huntsclan duties), and constantly argues with #88. Both he and #88 believe that they are truly some of the greatest dragon slayers in the Huntsclan. In reality, they are cowards and show fear in the presence of real dragons such as Jake and Lao Shi. He also seems to like taunting Rose about the fact that she may be working with the American Dragon. He and #88 are the only known members of the Huntsclan left alive after Rose's wish in "Homecoming".
  • Huntsclan: The Huntsclan is a tribe/military group of dragon slayers and warriors that exploit magical creatures for profit and power. They are the sworn enemies of dragons and are lead by the Huntsman. The main story arc of Season 2 revolves around the Huntsclan's scheme to gather 13 mystical Aztec Skulls and use their power to kill every magical creature on the planet. In "Homecoming", one of the series' final episodes, Rose turns the power of the Aztec Skulls against the Huntsclan, killing the Huntsman and all other Huntsclan members (with the exception of Rose, #88, and #89).
  • Olivia Meers (Liliana Mumy): Not really a villain, but she is Haley's school rival. She is the owner of Yan Yan, but unlike Haley, is unaware of her pet's magical descent. First appeared in "Fu and Tell". She once again returns in "Switcheroo" where she continues to bully Haley.
  • Dark Dragon (Clancy Brown): He was the Most Fearsome and Evil Dragon who ever lived. He was wearing Gray Clothes and a Gray Hood when Councilor Chang told him that Jake failed his 1st Test of Judgement in Fire. He is the #1 Threat to the Magical Community. In season 1 he appeared in Dragon Summit and Hong Kong Nights. He lost 1 of his claws when he tried to take Jake, but a bunch of big rocks collapsed on the Dark Dragon. He can never be destroyed by Lava and Magma. He was a bit big and he looks just like the American Dragon, except with Black and Purple and Yellow Eyes. In season 2, he is Black and this time Blue and this time he has Red Eyes like a Nix and he is very HUGE! He summons Shade Demons to help him. He will create an army of Evil Magical Creatures to Rule the WORLD! Chang and Bananas B made a spell to bring the Dragon of Darkness by using Hydra Scales and a Phoenix Feather. They lost Jake's chi to bring the Dark Dragon back. Jake's blood falls on the ashes and the Dark Dragon comes out and roars. The only member of the Huntsclan he has seen is the Huntsgirl which is Rose. All the Dragons and Humans and the Dog escaped, but Rose was still fighting the Dark Dragon. The Dark Dragon grabs Jake and Rose so he can take both of them, but Rose cuts the Dark Dragons Tail and he gets sucked into the Portal. He gets sucked into the portal where he will be imprisoned for like 1,000 years in Hong Kong Longs. He is voiced by Clancy Brown
  • Shade Demons: Ghostly Shadow-like Dragon Beings that work for the Dark Dragon. They are seen in Hong Kong Nights, Hong Kong Longs, and Dragon Summit. Their weakness is light.
  • Sewer Trolls: A gang of nasty and ugly trolls from the sewers. They attacked Jake in the sewers after they hand Chang's neckalace to him. It is revealed that the Sewer Trolls were working for Chang. They captured Jake with Chang and Bananas B. 2 of the trolls were killed when they fell to their demises. They were 1st seen in Nobody's Fu. They later appeared in Being Human where they were setting up rocks to free the Dragon of darkness.

Single-Episode Villains[]

  • Ardirondack: A Mountain Goblin. Thandera's lieutenant.
  • Agent Brainard: Agent from the Manhattan Genius Institute
  • Big Mamma: The biker trolls' mother and leader. Appeared in "Keeping Shop".
  • Biker Trolls: A gang of motorcycling mountain trolls that occasionally leave their mountainous home to cause trouble. Despite their thuggish attitude, they are also sensitive deep down inside and are referred to as "Mama's Boys" by Fu. Seen in "Keeping Shop".
  • Chain Gang Chuck: One of Shackles Jack's fellow Civil Wars Prisoners who are now ghosts haunting at Camp Mugwomp
  • Dr. Diente (John C. McGinley): Diente is the Tooth Fairy's assistant. In "The Legend of Dragon Tooth", he betrayed her and wanted to get his hands on Haley's dragon tooth to unleash an unspeakable evil: by becoming a giant monster made of teeth! This character is currently deceased after the battle with Jake (Jake electrocuted him by hitting him with a giant TV screen and after he was electrocuted, viewers notice Diente's broken glasses lying on the ground). His last name, fittingly, means tooth in Spanish.
  • King Hammer (Jeff Bennett): The evil manager and founder of "K.E.W.L." (King Extreme Wrestling League) in "Ring Around the Dragon". Coaxed the child-giant Hobie into competing as one of his premiere wrestlers, and later tried to kidnap and force the population of giants in Hobie's village into participating in his wrestling league. His plan was foiled by Jake and Hobie in the end. He is last seen being chained up with his wrestlers, it is unknown what happened to him after that.
  • Maximinus (Dee Bradley Baker) An ogre gladiator in Ancient Rome who used the Helmet of Truth to defeat his opponents by reading their every thought and knowing their next move. He became a formidable warrior and had sacked half of the Roman Empire. As a result, his helmet was confiscated by The Dragon Council. In "Supernatural Tuesday", he returned to reclaim what was taken from him. He was later defeated by Nigel and Jake.
  • Monty Hall (himself): Appeared in "Eye of the Beholder", where he acted as the host of the beauty pageant, and as an associate in Pandarus's evil plan (hoping to become the "World's Most Powerful Game-Show Host"). It is revealed in "A Befuddled Mind" that after the events in "Eye of the Beholder", he has been fired by Pandarus.
  • Mrs. Grumplestock (Mindy Sterling) An instructor at the Manhattan Genius Institute. Appeared in "A Befuddled Mind" where she was an associate in Pandarus' plan.
  • Octopuss: A new creature who first appears in "The Academy" when Spud hacks into the mainframe of the Huntsclan, inadvertently bringing Octopuss to the teleportation setup. However, no name was revealed.
  • Ophelia Ogelvy (Diane Delano): A dogcatcher that planned to create an emulsion from the essence of every breed of dog to help her cure her allergies until she was foiled by Fu Dog, Jake, and Lao Shi (see "Fu Dog Takes a Walk").
  • Peg Leg Pat: One of Shackles Jack's fellow Civil Wars Prisoners who are now ghosts haunting at Camp Mugwomp
  • Pooka Pooka (Dee Bradley Baker): An evil creature disguised as a puppet on Pooka Pooka Fun-Fun Farm. He appears in the episode "Haley Gone Wild", where he hypnotizes Haley, as well as other children, with his television show, to make them perform a variety of misdeeds. He is later defeated by Haley when she returns back to her "goody two shoes" self. Besides that the show was cancelled, it is unknown to what happened to him.
  • Queen Liliana (Tress Macneille}: A strigoi who appeared in "Bite Father, Bite Son." Coming to old age, she gets her sons to find the American Dragon so she can suck his blood. Unfortunately, her sons think it's Jake's father Jonathan instead of Jake. Jake attempts to fight the strigoi, but they use sphinx hair on him and leave Jake unconscious in the hallway. Jonathan is infuriated when he finds his son injured in the hallway and attempts to them, but they get the better of him and prepare to have there Queen feed on his blood. Luckily, Jonathan's distraction gave Jake some time to put instant sunshine in a coffee blender, heating it up and making Liliana and her sons disintegrate into the air.
  • Shackles Jack (Dee Bradley Baker): A ghost in "A Ghost Story". He was a prisoner of war and when he died, he vowed that he would return when all the planets aligned. Only then he would able to get a hold of a trophy in which he could use to take a hold of the living. In the end, Jake is able to trap Jack and all his ghost companions in the trophy and seals it, trapping them forever.
  • Sigmund Brock (Corey Burton): The one-time principal of Millard Fillmore Middle School, and Rotwood's former mentor. He had planned to expose one of the students at Millard Fillmore Middle School as a dragon, but his plan quickly backfired when he had used his potion "Brockium" on the wrong student. He was immediately fired from his job and arrested for endangering the lives of the students.
  • Solitary Sam: One of Shackles Jack's fellow Civil Wars Prisoners who are now ghosts haunting at Camp Mugwomp
  • Thandera: The leader of a group of Mountain Goblins.
  • Tiburón (John DiMaggio): A shark-man whose goal was to use Neptune's Trident to flood half of North America so that he may become the ruler over that large area of land (see "Feeding Frenzy"). He is currently incarcerated in Shark Prison. His name, as it would suggest, means shark in Spanish.
  • Vicky Fickling (Laura Ortiz) A computer geek girl who is actually a siren. She had a crush on Jake and wanted him to go out with her, but when Jake denied her, she angrily used her powers on Jake, Spud and Fu and ordered them to destroy each other. She clearly had the advantage until Trixie knocked her unconscious with a shield. First appeared in "Siren Says". She was mentioned in "Being Human" in the school yearbook.
  • Evil Jake (Dante Basco): In "The Doppelganger Gang", Jake inadvertently used a negative ch'i amplifier (in an attempt to create a doppelganger to fight Brad) that caused Evil Jake to be created. The evil doppelganger eventually goes on to absorb the other Jake doppelgangers in an attempt to overpower the real Jake. In the end, Jake reabsorbs Evil Jake as negative ch'i, possibly destroying him.
  • Yan Yan (Tia Carrere): A hairless, talking cat that has fought with Fu Dog for hundreds of years over Fu Dog's family amulet, causing tons of disasters in their violent bouts (such as tilting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or causing the Titanic to collide with an iceberg). First appeared in "Fu and Tell".
  • Kelpie (also voiced by Dee Bradley Baker): A strange aquatic creature that was seen in Something Fishy This Way Comes. Silver warned Jake and his friends that The Kelpie escaped from prison a year ago. The Kelpie is a shape-shifter. It absorbs the form and power of any magical creature on which it feeds. The Kelpie was on land and capture Jake so he can take his power. He may have found out who Jake Long is and wants to feed on his dragon powers to become strong. The Kelpie turned into a Merman, a Unicorn, Lao Shi in his Dragon form, a Strange monkey creature, and Labette 42. The worst thing that he turned into, he turned into a Troll (when did he eat a Troll?!). The Kelpie was captured and was probably put back to prison and this time with stronger chains.
  • Ooze Man: A giant black monster made of entire black goo. It was among of the many creatures that tried to attack Rotwood.
  • Eldery Werewolf: A rude and is an idiotic idiot. She has no teeth. She was among many of the creatures that also tried to attack Rotwood.

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