American Dragon Jake Long


A transparent glow
Percieved as
Evil (Huntsclan), fiction (Humans)

Magic is a type of natural energy that few are capable of manipulate. Magical Creatures are naturally capable of using this energy, which is what distinguishes them from other life forms. Magic allows these creatures to override the limitations imposed by the Physical Laws of the universe.

History of Magic[]

It is unknown how magical creatures came to be in the first place, though they existed as far as two million years ago[citation needed]. When humans came to be magical creatures ruled the world and were easily accepted by humans, becoming part of their society and religious beliefs.

However, as humanity grew in power, the fear of magic grew as well and magical creatures begun to be hunted down. Eventually magical creatures went into hiding and formed the Magical Community.


Even beings born with incredible magical abilities such as Dragons had to learn and study how to master them. Otherwise they will be unprepared in battle and have to be disciplined on how to use their powers otherwise they would use it irresponsibly. Though most magical creatures have specific powers of their own, those who are capable of spellcasting can be very helpful.

Most magical creatures use magic by sheer will, usually causing a physical manifestation such as glimerings, dust or creating aura-like energy.

Attitude towards magic[]

Attitude towards magic is very different from people to people. Most humans are not aware that magic and supernatural beings exist so they regard it as a mere myth and legend. The Huntsclan hates and despises all magical creatures, seeing them as unnatural and filthy and a danger to mankind but they will use magic if it helps their cause.

Trixie and Spud see magic as neutral in moral terms, being good friends with Dragon Jake Long but also seeing some magical creatures as evil.