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The Magical Community

Magical Community

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Its members possessing Magic
Natural Enemies
Some Humans, Huntsclan (formerly), Dark Dragon
Still hidden from the human realm

The Magical Community is a term used to define all the magical creatures that both live in New York City and all over the world. The Community is constantly hidden from the human realm and is kept secret by the Dragons. The magical creatures that form this community are free to do as they please, as long as their actions do not harm anyone or reveal their existence to the human world. The Dragon Council and all the Dragons around the world are there to keep tabs on the magical activity and to make sure no one breaks the balance between white and dark magic.

Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community[]

Lao Shi explains to Jake that the Magical Community has a list of 13 threats that are deemed extremely dangerous for both magical and human creatures[1]. They are the strongest and the evilest of threats, and as such must be defeated at all costs to avoid utter chaos. The Dragon Council has erected a statue for each threat in its training hall as a reminder of their power and the duty of the Dragons.

It is interesting to note that Jake had to face off against each of the enemies on the list of the top 13 threats to the Magical Community. He has defeated and slain most of them in battle, although some have simply been put under arrest.


  • In Season 2[2], two Pixies bring a thank you gift to Jake from the Magical Community.
  • Despite the Kelpie and Hobgoblins being the threats to the Magical Community, a Kelpie and Hobgoblins are seen in the Magical Community as citizens without being driven away as a threat.
    • This could mean that there is a specific Kelpie or Hobgoblins