American Dragon Jake Long

Magical Creatures

Magical Community

Varies from humanoid to monstrous to half-animal
Many forms of Magic such as Spellcasting, Super strength and Shapeshifting
All over the world
Main Features
Live in hiding from the human realm for their protection

Magical Creatures Are those lifeforms born with magic, usually a specific power, among them. Magical Creatures live in secrecy, but in a forgotten past, they ruled the Earth before humanity took over.

Magical Creatures band together in the magical community, the algomeration of all magical lifeforms, that is protected by the dragons under the banner of the Dragon Council .

History of the Magical Community[]

As far has it's known magical creatures exist since Pre-history and lived across countless millenia along humanity on Earth. As humanity grown in power, some groups rouse in successful attempt to conquer Earth for the non magical humans.

As time passed the relationship between humans and the magical community became more and more dark as the two groups separated from each other. Eventually magical creatures went into hidding and humankind, without any proof that it's millenar cousins existed, embraced science.

Types of Magical Creatures[]

Magical Humans[]

These types of magical creatures are those that are human but possess magical powers. Those creatures are such as wizards, vampires and dragons . Magical Humans seem to be the rulers of the Magical Community and possibly the ones responsible for keeping it in secrecy.

Non-Human Satient[]

These compose most of the magical creatures. They are like Unicorns, Lepraunches, Dwarves, Ogres and such. Most of the threaths to the magical community come from this branch of magical creatures. Also they tend to not posses as much powers as the Magical Humans.


The most dangerous kind of magical creatures, the Bestial branch includes the Chimera, the Moss Monster, the Kraken, the Krylock and the Avemetrus. Their most common power is that of super strength that rivals that of dragons. Other powers also includes being chamaleon-like abilities or stealing youth.