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Magical Powers are magical abilities which enable a user to do the same action over and over without limitations or restrictions. Powers are a biological part that predominately resides in the DNA and, because of that, they can be inherited by the children of the user. However, powers are known to skip generations[1].

Nature of Powers[]


The source of powers can vary from magical creatures to others. Some creatures, such as leprechauns, get their powers from gold. When in possession of gold, leprechauns possess good luck[2]. Other creatures, such as dragons, get their powers from their chi energy. Actually dragons possess two types of chi energy reflective of their dual-natures: their human chi and dragon chi, which is what gives them their powers[3].

Some powers might be given by spells and potions, placed in artifacts such as the Uchrono Hourglass or Magical Video Game Controller.

Stripping powers[]

Powers can be removed by groups of very powerful magical creatures such as the Dragon Council. The target will remain powerless for as long the Council or other beings want[3].

Power Type[]

Elemental Powers[]

Elemental powers are those magical abilities that are based on the classic elements and their derivatives. Elemental powers include the ability to breath fire, command water, shoot lightning bolts and even control non-classic elements such as breath ice, manipulate shadow and control plants.


Ice Manipulation, the ability to breath ice

  • Ice Manipulation/Cryokinesis: The power to control, breath and manipulate ice. It can be used to encase someone within a cage of ice. It might also be used against fire. This is an uncommon dragon trait as it is very rare that a dragon can breath and manipulate ice. 
  • Lightning Manipulation/Electrokinesis: The ability to breath and manipulate lightning. This is an uncommon dragon trait as it is very rare that a dragon can breath and manipulate electricity.[3].
  • Fire Manipulation/Pryokinesis: The ability to breath and manipulate fire. A common dragon trait. Fire Manipulation also enable the user to hold fire in his/hers hands without suffering burns.
    • Plasma Manipulation: The power of generate, control and manipulate plasma. A highly offensive power that works in the same fashion of Fire.

Molecular Powers[]

Molecular powers are those powers that alter the molecular composition of matter, enabling things and people to turn into other things and people. They are very useful powers and common only to very powerful magical creatures such as wizards and witches and Dragons.

  • Shapeshifting: The power to alter your appearance to look like something or someone else. Dragons possess this power and use it to change between their human and dragon form. Other shape-shifting beings such as werewolves also possess it.
  • Transformation: The power to transform other people into animals. It is often used through potions and spells though some beings possess this power naturally.
    • Calling: The power to transform selected parts of the body to gain physical enhancements. It is a dragon-only power.

Physical Abilities[]

Physical powers are magical abilities that has a physical transcendence. Physical powers include super-strength, super-agility and enhanced senses.

  • Super Strength/Super Agility: The ability to have magically augmented physical strength, stamina, speed, and reflexes.
    American Dragon Jake Long Enhanced Vision

    Eye of the dragon.

  • Enhanced Vision: The ability to perceive the surrounding environment augmented this allows better eyesight for example enhanced vision allows magical creatures to see in total darkness and see through strong blizzards.
    Jake using ear of the dragon

    Jake using ear of the dragon.

  • Enhanced Hearing: The ability to hear distant sounds augmented.This allows magical creatures to hear anything within their range like hear conversations approximately 5 meters away and hear through glass.
    American Dragon Jake Long As A Wrestler

    Jake VS Wrestler.

  • Enhanced Endurance: Most magical creatures are highly resistant to injury enabling them to endure extreme amounts of pain without death.


Mystical powers are those powers that usually need concentration and focus to wield. Mystical powers tend to have a greater range. Mystical powers sometimes also require tools such as wands, amulets and magical ingredients but not always.

  • Doppelganger Creation: The power to create a perfect clone of the user.
  • Spellcasting: The power to use words to magically alter the world in fundamental levels.
  • Potion Creation/Making: Users can brew potions to cause magical effects like increasing their magical powers or give them new ones.
  • Levitation: The power to float a few inches above the ground.
  • Enchantment: The power to grant magical powers to objects. This allows the objects to have mystical powers that grants or augments powers.


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