American Dragon Jake Long
Magical Journals


glowing books with arcane symbols on them
Write down their missions, but also might contain information on magic

Magical Journals are guiding books of Animal Guardians which they use to write down their missions, experience and knowledge of the Magical World.


The books are used by Animal Guardian to informe their charges of any information that might aid them. So forth the books contain an unmeasaruble information on spells, magical creatures, history and other dimensions.


Jake and Fu Dog see a hologram of Hong Kong

The books might also contain information on items that might endanger the Magical Community, such as the Aztec Skulls.

Magical Powers[]

As part of the books' magic, the journal can create a hologram that shows a graphical form of the information. In a sense those hologram enable to see the past, the appearence of magical items and creatures as if it was a television.