American Dragon Jake Long

The Magus Bazaar in Season One

The Magus Bazaar is a market zone for the Magical Community located somewhere in New York City and that's hidden by powerful magic. A way to access the Magus Bazaar is through the last stop in the NYC subway, which is enchanted to open a portal to the Bazaar.


All kinds of magical creatures live in the Magus Bazaar most of them are too bizarre to be capable of enter the human realm. Some of the creatures include green and blue-skinned magic users who oftenly sell rather disturbing products. Other inhabitants include Witches, Wizards, Harpies, Elves, Arachnes, Merfolk and Dragons. Most of these creatures only stay here for the purpose of buying artifacts as they are capable of living amongst the masses of NYC.


The exact origins and the founders of The Magus Bazaar are unknown but it was a rather popular location in the early 21st century. The first American Dragon, Jake Long, came to the Magus Bazaar to find a date to take to school dance. Later he came to meet the Oracle twins, Sara and Kara, and later bring them home. Sara then make a rather disturbing warning about Rose's dark and awful secret.

Somewhere between the First Season and Second Season a change in the portal was set instead creating a vortex that sucks anyone still in the subway rather than take part of the subway itself up into the sky. There were also a reconstitution of the entire bazaar.

The Magus Bazaar was numbers 88 and 89 plan of "world domination". Using Huntstech the two huntsboys launched chaos through the bazaar until they were stopped by Jake. Later the Magus Bazaar was attacked by Chang and Bananas B who sought the ingredients for the Ressurection Spell needed to bring the Dark Dragon back.

Physical Appearence[]

The physical appearence of the Magus Bazaar changed between the two seasons. In Season One, the Bazaar's appearence was more Chinese oriented and Asian-like. The buildings were hundreds of feet tall and there were chinese-looking ceilings around.

In Season Two, the Bazaar looked more european and medieval. The houses resembled those of a fantasy land, with pink and violet colors dominant. There were also many magic-oriented business.