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Grim Reaper Marty

Marty the Grim Reaper[1][2] (voiced by Ron Masak[3][4].) is Fu's old buddy and also the current Grim Reaper. Although he may look dead serious, he is probably the best practical joker this side of Hades. He only appears in one episode, "Family Business", in Season 2.

Physical Appearance[]

Marty wears the usual garb that is expected from a Grim Reaper: a dark robe with a hood and a belt of bones attached around the waist. Marty himself is entirely made of bones, but it is never shown how he looks exactly under his outfit.

Because he is a walking skeleton, Marty can prove to be of a quite fragile composure. He can easily lose body parts, as experienced with Jake when he pulls Marty's finger right off his hand. This doesn't seem to bother Marty at all since he uses this as a pranking device.


Although he is the Grim Reaper, Marty is far from being evil. He seems to enjoy Fu Dog's company and constantly plays pranks on him. He is even considered a master in this art since Fu has a really hard time pranking the prankster back. He can also be pretty laid-back: at some point, he goes to a yoga session while casually sipping a drink. He even sincerely wishes Jake good luck when he goes to save his sister Haley, who is on the verge of being slain.

Past Jobs and Current Gig[]

Throughout his life, Marty has had several dead-end jobs. He first worked as a cashier in a grocery store, but couldn't pack the items correctly in a bag. His second job was a cruise director, but he scared all of his clients away. His third job was a fitness instructor, but he wasn't all that convincing. His last job was a chorus boy, but he didn't dance or sing (whether he wasn't good at it or simply didn't care is unclear).

Finally, Marty became the Grim Reaper. However, in order to do that, he had to get rid of the former Grim Reaper. It is never said how exactly someone is supposed to take the Grim Reaper's job, but they either have to kill or tap out the one currently filling the role.

Magical Powers[]

Now that Marty is the Grim Reaper, his job consists of leading the souls of the dead to Hades. Marty can sense whenever a soul is in mortal danger, but he doesn't get the call whether that person gets to live or die. He also possesses a magical compass that will point to the nearest soul in dire peril. It is presumed that Marty's scythe is used to cut souls loose from their bodies so they can be directed to their final resting place.


  • When Marty makes his first appearance, he asks Fu for shelter while his condo in Tribeca (a neighborhood in lower Manhattan) is being renovated;
  • Although Marty is the embodiment of death, he is still mortal and needs to eat to remain alive;
  • Marty seems to have a digestive problem: he gets gas after eating a sausage roll and other similar meals;
  • The Grim Reaper costumes available at Ha-Ha's Magical Prank Shop are perfect replicas of Marty.