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Millard Fillmore was the 13th President of the United States, and for whom Jake's middle school was named after. A wooden statue in his likeness is featured at the school and during Milliard Fillmore Fest events[1].

Physical Appearance[]

Having lived in 19th century, Millard Fillmore's statue was carved with him wearing the elegant clothing of a statesman of his time period. It is composed of a vest worn over a shirt and a pair of trousers. A bow-tie compliments the outfit. Millard Fillmore also had short and slightly puffy hair.

Fillmore Fest[]

The Fillmore Fest is a special event that occurs once a year during the fall season at Millard Fillmore Middle School. It is a celebration in honor of the school's namesake and meant to showcase for parents all that is good about the institution and current principal.

Millard Fillmore head

A decapitated Millard Fillmore

When Professor Rotwood's turn came to prepare the celebration, he had a mahogany statue of Millard Fillmore carved by the school's woodshop. He also invites one of Millard's great descendants to come sing a song to the crowd. Unfortunately for Rotwood, the event turns for the worst when he is pranked into calling his students monkeys, which results in Millard Fillmore's statue's decapitation and accidental desecration by Rotwood.


  • Many other places in New York City as well as in other states are named after this President;
  • Millard Fillmore has a six-year old great, great, great, great, great granddaughter named Millie;
  • Upon seeing Fillmore's statue being decapitated, the girl who made it starts crying and claims he was extremely hard to carve;
  • Because of his accidental desecration of Millard Fillmore, Professor Rotwood is fired from the school.