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Mister Krunkers

Mister Krunkers is an old and scatter-brained Gnome that works at the Department of Magical Creatures (or D.M.C.). When Animal Guardians need to pass an exam in order to get a magical license, Mister Krunkers can serve as a surrogate magical guardee for those who lack one. He only appears in the episode "Nobody's Fu" in Season 2.

Physical Appearance[]

Like all Gnomes, Mister Krunkers is extremely short and barely stands taller than Fu Dog standing on his four paws. He wears a tall red hat, a blue vest with a matching pair of pants, a teal bow tie, a buckle, and brown shoes. He also has a scruffy white beard and hair, some even growing out of his ears. He appears to have lost nearly all of his teeth, which causes him to spit abundantly and utter intelligible words whenever he talks. He always has his trusty wooden cane close to him.


Blind Krunkers

Krunkers mistaking a container for Fu

It is most probable that the rather scatter-brained attitude of Mister Krunkers is due to his old age. Not only does he have bad hearing, but he also is incredibly near-sighted. While pitted against Hobgoblins, he manages to hit Fu Dog (who's standing just beside him) instead of the true enemy. While brewing a potion, he misunderstands Fu's instruction and pours in the wrong ingredient. Because of his near-deaf ears, he also speaks really loud whenever he wants to say something. Mister Krunkers is an all around clumsy fellow that is quite oblivious to the things around him.


"I hate the taste of rice pudding too! Why so mealy? Why?!"
"I got em'! I got em'!" (hits Fu instead of the Hobgoblins)
(asked to add Leprechaun dust to potion, but pours wrong ingredient instead) "A pinch of tree nymph husks!"
(after Fu's license gets revoked, mistaking a glass container for Fu) "Good, 'cause you're a lousy Animal Guardian! Good day to you sir!"


  • Mister Krunkers was the replacement guardee when Jake failed to show at Fu Dog's exam.