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The cast of American Dragon: Jake Long in Lilo & Stitch: The Series
Season: 2 (of Lilo & Stitch: The Series)
Production code: 227 (Lilo & Stitch: The Series)
Written by:
Brandon Sawyer
Directed by:
Victor Cook
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
July 1, 2005
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, back that up! Asteroids? Spaceships? The Am Drag show is about saving magical creatures; it's not sci-fi! I'm outta here!

— Jake Long

Jake and company arrived in Hawaii to investigate sightings of weird "magical" creatures all over the islands, while Lilo tries to win a skateboard competition for her crush Keoni.


Keoni and Jake

Keoni and Jake

At the very beginning of the episode, Lilo decided to enter the local skateboarding competition in order to win a brand-new skateboard, the Velociraptor 1200, for her crush Keoni. Before the event, she and Stitch discovered Experiment 316, whose pod was activated in a fountain after Stitch unstuck Lilo's skateboard from a straw umbrella. According to Jumba, Experiment 316, or Morpholomew, was a creature capable of giving anyone the appearance of someone else. Lilo used this power in order to enter the competition as Keoni.

In the meantime, Jake, Lao Shi, Fu Dog, Trixie and Spud arrived at the Kauai skate park. They were investigating reports of undisguised magical creatures lurking on the island of Hawaii, actually Jumba's illegal genetic experiments, although Jake was more interested in winning the contest's grand prize. All of them separated to go on their own business: Lao Shi became enamored with Mrs. Hasagawa; Trixie and Spud headed to the beach; Fu Dog went to place some bets on Jake while the latter signed up for the skateboarding competition.

Stitch and Jake showdown

Stitch and Jake in a showdown

Lilo did the same but soon realized that impersonating Keoni was likely a bad idea when she earned a low score. She asked Morpholomew to change her into absolutely anybody else so she could start over, but registrations closed before she got a chance to sign up again.

Elsewhere, Jake, having spotted Morpholomew with Lilo and mistaking the little red blob for a magical creature, transformed into the American Dragon and got ready to pursue them. However, he was captured by Gantu who mistook him for Morpholomew. Since Jake didn't show for the competition, Lilo decided to ask Morpholomew to turn her into Jake so she could enter in his stead.

Meanwhile, Jake managed to escape Gantu's ship before he was transferred to Hämsterviel's asteroid and went back to the skate park. However, Lilo had already taken his place and failed once again to score any points. Trixie and Spud grew suspicious of Lilo still disguised as Jake while she threw a tantrum when Stitch told her that Morpholomew, who earlier got distracted by a rabbit, had been captured by Gantu. They knew something was up when Lilo panicked upon hearing Fu Dog speak. The real Jake in his dragon-form arrived at that moment and engaged in a duel with Stitch. Before things got too far, Lilo managed to calm everyone down and explain the whole situation.

Lilo and Jake Friends

Two new friends

Once everything was clarified, everyone decided to team up to retrieve Morpholomew. They traveled over to Gantu's ship and fought against him for Morpholomew. In the confusion, Jake and friends tricked Gantu into thinking he captured Morpholomew when in reality, Spud assumed the little red blob's form and got captured instead. Thanks to this, the team managed to get Morpholomew back and change Gantu into a little white bunny as punishment for all the trouble he caused.

The gang then headed back to the skateboard competition, where the winner claimed the Velociraptor 1200. Jake and Lilo were a bit bummed out by this but were happy to have made new friends. They left on good terms and promised to see each other again soon. Meanwhile, Morpholomew was given a One True Place at a costume store, where he morphed people into celebrities according to the photo he was shown.


Main Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]


  • Gantu


Lao Shi: (to Jake) "Just keep your eyes open, Young Dragon. You never know when you'll see something... (notices Ms. Hasagawa, angelic chorus starts to sing) ...magical."

Lao Shi: "Excuse me, I must go meet the woman of my dreams." (walks away with hearts in his eyes)
Fu Dog: "Yeesh. And I thought I was bad with the puppy love."

Trixie: "Come on, Spud. While Jackie warms up, we can be soakin' up some rays on the beach."
Spud: "The Beach? Oh no, uh-uh. That's where the sharks are, man! THE SHARKS!"

Jake: (spots Lilo disguised as Keoni dragging along Experiment 316) "A magical creature being man-handled by some jerk!"

Spud: "Jake, dude, you over here, man? They're just about ready for..." (spots Gantu walking away) "LAND SHARK!" (runs away screaming)

Jake: (sees Jacques Von Hämsterviel through a TV screen) "A magic gerbil? Whoa, that's a new one."

Jake: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, back that up! Asteroids? Spaceships? The Am Drag show is about saving magical creatures; it's not sci-fi! I'm outta here!"

Stitch: "Lilo! Agajaba!"
Fu Dog: "Go get em' Jake! I'm betting some serious biscuits on you! Woohoo!"
(Fu and Stitch stare at each other; Fu Dog gets on his four paws)
Fu Dog: "Uh... bark?"
Stitch: (also getting on his four legs) "Woof?"

Trixie: (to Lilo disguised as Jake) "You alright, dog? Cuz that was plain just ugly."
Spud: "Hey, I think we're all a little distracted by the discovery of land sharks among us."

Trixie: (about Stitch) "Yo, what is that? Looks like a messed up Leprechaun."

Lilo: "No, no, no, no, no! I don't want to be stuck as Jake Long! He's some kind of weirdo who thinks he's hunting magical creatures!"

Fu Dog: (to Lilo disguised as Jake) "Jakie, where' ya been? I found this freaked out blue leprechaun that-" (Stitch snarls at him)

Jake: "Yo! Anybody seen grandpa? I gotta tell him about- (spots Lilo disguised as him and Stitch) -FREAKY ALIEN DUDE!"

(after Lilo reveals the truth and her goal to get the grand prize for her crush)
Jake: "Sweet plan."
Spud: "For real! If a girl did that for me, me and my hover'd be, like, hers forever."
Trixie: "What are y'all trying to do here? Mess up the little Hawaiian girl's head for life?"

Jake: (to Gantu) "You can call me American Dragon, chump."

Spud: (to Gantu) "Land shark dude, you've got some serious anger issues."

Jake: (about Veloceraptor 1200) "That is one sweet board, but not as sweet as making a new friend."

Trixie: (to Lilo, about Experiment 316's new name) "That's the best you can come up with? Changer? Uh-uh, girl. That's not gonna do. He got kickin' power; he needs a kickin' name. Like, uh..."
Spud: "Morpholomew!"



  • It is revealed that Spud is afraid of sharks, although he gets over his fear at the end of the episode.
  • Lilo initially planned to name 316 "Changer", but Trixie convinced her that he should have a better name, with Spud being the one to name him "Morpholomew".
  • While Lao Shi and Mrs. Hasagawa are on their date, they do stereotypical activities often associated with new couples: long walks on the beach, a romantic dinner, and even a show-off of skills from Lao Shi who transforms at the fire dancing spectacle without fear of being exposed, implying that he mistook the experiments for undisguised magical creatures and assumed it would be okay for him to transform.


On July 1, 2005, The Disney Channel (US) aired a crossover episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series and American Dragon: Jake Long titled "Morpholomew".

  • When the American Dragon gang first encounters Stitch, they all think he is a messed-up leprechaun. Also, the American Dragon characters have their early appearances from Season 1.
  • When Jake Long was in his dragon form, he was mistaken for Morpholomew by Gantu. Also, before Gantu can transport Jake (in his dragon form) to Hämsterviel, Jake breaks the fourth wall by saying: "Whoa, back that up! Asteroids? Spaceships? The Am Drag show is about saving magical creatures; it's not sci-fi!"
  • In this episode, Jake's dragon form's mane and spikes flutter in the wind when airborne, which is not the case in the actual American Dragon show.
  • When this episode premiered for the first time on Disney Channel, a new episode of American Dragon: Jake Long was also aired on the same day ("The Long Weekend" of Season 1). Additionally, this episode premiered before a showing of Toy Story 2, as well as a day before viewers got to choose their pick for a brand new "Click It to Pick It" episode of Brandy & Mr. Whiskers.
  • According to the broadcast information of the series, this episode is meant to take place after the episode "Body Guard Duty" of Season 1. Of course, this is non-canon to the actual American Dragon show.
  • This is the only crossover episode of American Dragon: Jake Long, but it is the first of four for Lilo & Stitch: The Series, followed afterwards by crossovers with Kim Possible, The Proud Family, and Recess.

References and Allusions[]

  • The scene where Lao Shi and Mrs. Hasagawa eat spaghetti at a Hawaiian restaurant is a reference to the iconic scene featured in the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp.
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