Morty the Troll[1] is a sewer troll who appears in Keeping Shop. He is a friend of Fu Dog's, yet was very tough on him as Fu had failed to pay back his money.


  • Fu Dog: "Don't touch anything, don't open any drawers, and if a big toothless guy named Morty shows up saying 'Where's the money?!' Tell him I moved it in the machoo peetzoo, got it?"
  • Spud: "I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't paying attention. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, a friend of yours stopped by. Come on in, Morty."
  • Morty: "Where's the money?!"


Season One


  • Fu Dog said that Morty is toothless, but when he says, "Where's the money?", he has teeth.
  • He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker[2]



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