American Dragon Jake Long
Ms. Birch
Switcheroo (5)
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Hair and Eye Color: Gray and Black
Employment: Teacher
Students: Haley Long
Olivia Mears
Production Info
Portrayed by: Suzanne Blakeslee
First Appearance: Switcheroo
Last Appearance: Being Human

Ms. Birch[1] is Haley and Olivia's new teacher at the School for Gifted Children, replacing Ms. McGuire.

Physical Appearance[]

Ms. Birch is a skinny and somewhat old woman (probably around 40-50 years old). She has about shoulder-length dark grey hair tied into a low bunion. She wears a teal vest over a plain white shirt, a long dark blue skirt and a pair of black shoes. She also has a pair of eyeglasses resting at the tip of her nose and a tear-shaped necklace around her neck.


Being a grade school teacher, Ms. Birch is a very friendly and kind person, especially towards children. She stands in front of the school gates every morning to welcome the students in. She constantly praises everyone, and even holds Haley in very high regard and seems to favorite her over other students, as shown when she restlessly waited for her to arrive at school when she came in late[2]. She always tries to see the positive side of things and will rarely lose her smile.

Although she still retains her positive attitude, Ms. Birch later develops a better sense of discipline towards her students in response to Jake (trapped in Haley's body) causing constant havoc during class hours[2]. For example, in the very same episode before this ordeal, she accepts Haley's late entry to school without giving out a sanction. It is no longer the case when Ms. Birch makes a quick reappearance[3].

Episode Appearances[]

Season Two[]


  • "Good morning, gifted children."
  • "You have a very special sister there, young man."
  • "I want you to paint something that inspires you. Reach deep into your gifted souls."
  • "Bonne chance, ladies!"
  • "Well, we've never needed detention at this school." (receives egg on her face) "...Until now."
  • (disdainfully, to Jake in Haley's body) "You're not gonna start throwing paint, are you?"
  • "A healthy lunch makes for healthy feet."


  • It is possible that, after Jake's passage, Ms. Birch implemented the notion of detention into the school.
  • Ms. Birch makes a quick cameo in Season 2[3] when she hands Haley a tardy note after she arrives late for class.
  • She is voiced by Suzanne Blakeslee[4].