American Dragon Jake Long
Ms. McGuire
McGuire angry
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 20s/30s
Hair and Eye Color: Black
Employment: Elementary School Teacher
Students: Haley Long (formerly)
Olivia Mears (formerly)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Miss Kittie
First Appearance: Fu and Tell
Last Appearance: Fu and Tell

Ms. McGuire[1] She only appears once in the entire series, in the episode "Fu and Tell".


She is Haley and Olivia's homeroom teacher.

Physical Appearance[]

Ms. McGuire is a woman with tan skin and short brown hair. She usually wears a dark purple jacket over a vest, which is of a softer shade of the same color. She also wears a pink polo shirt, pink pants, black shoes, and a pair of round earrings.


Since she's rarely seen in the series, not much is known about Ms. McGuire's personality. From what is shown, she is very kind and gentle, especially with children. She speaks with a soft tone and practically never raises her voice. When children in her class are frightened, she will do her best to reassure them as calmly as possible. Because of her tranquil and friendly personality, she is very much appreciated by her students.

However, during certain situations, Ms. McGuire knows when to be strict and will not hesitate to hand out warnings. She does not tolerate troublemakers, including pets like Miss Tinkles, when she bans Olivia's cat from of school.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Although Olivia openly insults Haley during class by calling Fu Dog a "stupid dog", Ms. McGuire doesn't seem to notice. This may hint that she's oblivious to certain things, or that she simply ignores the feud between the two girls.


"I'm sorry Olivia, school is just no place for a kitty like Tinkles: she's way too disruptive. You'll have to show-and-tell something else from now on."