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Ms. Sp​u​dinski[1] is Spud's mother who runs a family restaurant called the Familio Festevedro in Little Italy. She only makes a single appearance in the episode "Bite Father, Bite Son" from Season 2.

Physical Appearance[]

Ms. Spudinski is a plump woman at the average height of an adult. She has long black hair styled into a beehive with a periwinkle hairbow on top of her head and wears a pair of red glasses. When working at her restaurant, Ms. Spudinski wears an olive green dress.

She also wears bracelets around her wrists, a gold necklace around her neck and two gold hoop earrings.

Episode Appearances[]


Ms. Spudinski is a very kind person who deeply cares for her son. She becomes strict when stressed and is prone to emotional outbursts.