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New York City is a major city of the United States of America and of the Magical World. New York is home to a massive secret community of magical creatures living within it's borders and is protected by the American Dragon, Jake Long .


New York City is composed of five boroughs which occupate massive islands, but also smaler islands are also part of the city. There are many locations in New York City but this article will only discuss the ones used on the series.


The island of Manhattan is the most featured location as it where the main characters live. Also, it is here where Fillmore Middle School is located, as well as Gramp's store and Jake's home. Manhattan is home to most of the series action and most magical creatures live here.

Pantheon Building[]

The building is home to the Pantheon Gargoyles, thirteen statues that are necessary to use the mystical Aztek Skulls. The Panteon Building was home to the Homecoming Ball which ended up with the destruction of the Huntsclan. After that, both the gargoyles and the skulls were destroyed.

Cosmopolitan Museum of Art[]

The museum is home to one of America's greatest art collection. In this museum was stored a greek statue which actually was the mythical Gorgon named Fury. In a field trip to the museum, Rotwood make a bust fell down into the storehouse, which caused Fury's statue to break releasing her.


The Subway is a location oftenly showed in the series. Usualy a battle happens here but it also is sometimes used for simple transportation. And when transportation doesn't just means from one place to other of the city but also into the magic pub called Magus Bazar.