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Jeff Goode
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Adam Wylie[1][2]
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Nigel Thrall[3][4] is a young charismatic wizard who attends Millard Fillmore Middle School.


He was a new student at Jake's school and a good competition to Jake as well. He was first described as a boy with a British accent, who mostly beat Jake in everything he can do, like skateboarding and free-styling[5]. But once he chose to become president of the middle school, Nigel learned that Jake was a dragon, and Jake learned that Nigel was a wizard/sorcerer. So to make the competition fair, they used their magical powers to help them win the election. He used his magic to make Jake's poster look stupid. Then he used his powers to make people think Jake doesn't bathe because of his green hair, which did a lot of damage to Jake of becoming president. But once he and Jake found out that an ogre trashed Grandpa's shop, they became a great tag team using their powers. In the end, they both lost the election to Trixie and Spud.

Another time, he was set to have a relationship with Stacey Wintergrin[6], but she broke up with him and started secretly dating Spud. He helped battle the Gorgon sisters and turned the tide of the battle by teleporting a pair of goggles onto Jake which deflected the Gorgons' attack back at them, re-imprisoning Euryale and Medusa in stone (but Fury got away again). Spud agreed to break it off with Stacey and allow her to go back to Nigel (they believed that she was under Fury's mind control), but it turned out that she really did like Spud and wasn't being controlled at all, so Nigel didn't end up getting her back.


Nigel was first introduced as a rival to Jake in all of his skills (skateboarding, freestyle rap, etc.)[5]. In a twist that makes him even more similar to Jake, he's actually a young wizard apprentice who was transferred to New York City as a means to complete his magical training (though he prefers to be called a sorcerer).

Spells/Magic Used

Nigel used magic to make free shirts and free things, blast Jake out of his Dragon form, and help Jake stop an ogre. A few other magic spells that Nigel used are:

  • Tempest in a jar, spread the rumor far Jake Long doesn't bathe: Spreads a rumor and people believe it.
  • Steak and kidney pie make this ogre fly: Makes an object/thing/person fly.
  • Bell, book, and candle pull down the handle: Pulls down a handle.
  • Springest awakest: Fully grows a spring-seasonal tree.
  • Geologize gemologize: Turns rocks into gems.
  • Wizard's cloak turn to poison oak: Turns roses into poison oak and makes his enemies itchy.



  • Nigel was seen with Jake doing the Rotwood impression[7].
  • Popular culture, particularly fantasy, has used the term "thrall" to describe someone under the control of a supernatural force. This is similar to how Nigel used his powers to manipulate others.


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