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Nymphs are mythological beings associated to certain natural elements (like water or wood). They often take the form of grown women, but can merge with their element whenever they wish. One first appears in "Shaggy Frog" and another reappears in "Magic Enemy #1", both the episodes taking place in Season 2.


At least two different types of Nymphs exist in the magicla world. Both will normally have the body of a human woman, but with characteristics borrowed from their specific element:

Water Nymph[]

The only Nymph seen in the series is a Water Nymph. As such, she has blue skin, turquoise hair, and small sets of fins growing out of her forearms and calves. She also has a starfish attached to her hair, accentuating her affiliating with water. She wears a purple tube top and a purple skirt.

Wood Nymph[]

Since no Wood Nymphs were shown in the series, not much is known about them. It is presumed that, like the Water Nymphs, they have physical characteristics reminiscent of wood or forests in general.

Magical Powers[]

Nymph sewers

Because they are associated with an element, Nymphs have full control over the element they are affiliated with. In the series, the Water Nymph can control water as she wishes. She is shown using her powers in the episode "Magic Enemy #1" where she bursts out of a manhole in the streets of New York City with a wave of water.

Not much else is known about Nymphs since they are seldom seen in the series.


  • In Greek mythology, Nymphs are often regarded as minor nature deities, but are not immortal;
  • In "Magic Enemy #1", a Nymph participated in the hunt for Professor Rotwood;
  • In the same episode, the Nymph exclaims to Rotwood to back off when he tries to get a closer look at her (this is the only time a Nymph is heard speaking);
  • In "Game On", a Nymph is briefly seen having a meal with a Troll at a restaurant.