The Octo-puss was a magical creature that was diverted from wherever it belonged by an improperly tuned attempt to hijack a Huntsclan teleportation transport signal[1].

Physical Appearance

As a normal cat, it had black fur and a green collar with a yellow name tag.

As a monster, it still had black fur, but with huge furry tentacles with claws and two rows of teeth like a shark. It also had a forked tongue like a snake.

Magical powers

Supposedly this creature would use its normal cat appearance to lure its prey next to it to trick them. When the prey gets closer, the Octo-puss would quickly transform into its true form and devour its prey.


  • Jake Long and his friends encountered one of these things when they accidentally brought it into their dimension and it nearly ate them, but they quickly sent it back just before 88 and 89 were brought back to their world.


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