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Morton dad

Officer Morton[1] is Brad Morton's father and an officer in the police force.

Physical Appearance[]

From what is seen in the series, Mr. Morton has a strong body and broad shoulders. His hair is blond, just like Brad's, and he sports a short mustache under his nose. He is only seen on the job, so it's unknown what he usually wears aside from his blue police uniform. He's also never seen without his sunglasses.


Morton Police Car

Mr. Morton is a proud and cocky police officer that would do anything to stop criminals. He's very close to his son Brad and even lets him blare the sirens of his police car whenever he wants. Mr. Morton appears kind of laid-back since he's never seen getting into a fuss. He also appears to be very fond of his job.

For some reason, he refers to his police car as being female.


(about his police car regarding the sirens) "Make her sing, son."

Episode Appearances[]

Season Two[]


  • Like his habit of calling himself "The Bradster", Brad calls his dad "The Dadster";
  • When on the job, Officer Morton has the habit of eating doughnuts and sip coffee;
  • Officer Morton sometimes relies on anonymous tips to catch criminals on the road;
  • Officer Morton wears sunglasses even at night.