American Dragon Jake Long

Ogres (season 1)


Ogres in season 2

Ogres are large and strong, but also very athletic for their size. The Ogre Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events in the magic realm, held annually at Madison Square Garden.

Physical Appearance[]

  • In Season 1, Ogres can either be blue or green. Ogres can be small with blue hair and usually with horns. Larger Ogres don't have hair.
  • In Season 2, Ogres have green skin with black hair, a blue tunic, large boots, a large belt, and a brown vest.

Magical Powers[]

They are very strong and they are able to carry heavy things such as rocks by using their bare hands.


  • In Season 2 episode Family Business, an Ogre has stolen a golden pendant of the Leprechaun clan and without returning the pendant, the Leprechauns will put a war on the Ogres. Jake wasn't able to stop the Ogre, but Haley did and left the Ogre whining.
  • In Nobody's Fu, an Ogre is a councilor member at the DMC with a Dwarf, a Six-Armed Person, and a Shark Person. The Ogre seems to be the only known council member who speaks.