Olivia Mears

Fu and Tell (3)

Created by:
Jeff Goode
Voiced by
Liliana Mumy[1][2]
Date of Birth
No information
No information
Hair and Eye Color
Blonde (Season 1)
Redhead (Season 2) Black
First Appearance
Final Appearance

Olivia Mears[3][4] is Haley's arch-rival as opposed to Jake's arch-rival Brad, who always brings her rare, award-winning cat Miss Tinkles, also known as Yan Yan, to show-and-tell and ends up getting all the attention every time.

Physical Appearance

At first[5], Olivia had carrot red-hair tied with blue bows into two curly pigtails. She wore a long baby blue dress under which she had a sweater of a darker shade. She also wore blue sneakers.

Later on[6], Olivia got a drastic makeover. Her hair now had a darker color, somewhere closer to being natural red. She ties it into a high ponytail with a blue scrunchie. She now wears the school uniform, which composes of a plaid blue skirt, a plain white vest, knee-high socks, and black shoes. Olivia also has freckles on her cheeks and wears white earrings.


Olivia Mears is a pesky little girl who will stop at nothing to get everyone's attention. She is very cocky and snobbish and likes to brag about her accomplishments and gifted abilities. She will not hesitate to resort to foul play in order to get what she wants. She also uses intimidation and looks at others from up-high to keep anyone from challenging her. Olivia is an overall competitive and mean little girl that wants to be perfect in every way in the eyes of adults.

Relation with Haley Long

Olivia considers Haley her rival in her goal to become as perfect as she can be and will stop at nothing to be better than her. One time, she openly insults Fu Dog and insists that she is the best at show-and-tell[5]. Another time, she keeps dissing Haley in order to get her morale down, although this kind of intimidation simply infuriates Haley[6]. Olivia is not afraid to get into trouble or to physically hurt others, as shown when she purposely trips Haley (although it was Jake in his sister's body at the time) during a dance audition right into the piano.


In Fu and Tell

  • "Sorry I'm late. My cat's manicure appointment ran a little late."
  • (looks at Fu) "I see someone brought in a stupid dog."
  • "I own show-and-tell."

In Switcheroo

  • "Didn't you hear what she said, Haley? Only one student can be chosen, and it's not going to be you."
  • "Hey, Haley. I just wanted to wish you good luck at the dance audition tomorrow. You'll need it."
  • "I guess the auditions are over, n'est-ce pas?"

Episode Appearances

Season One

Season Two


  • Olivia Mears' voice actress, Liliana Mumy, also voiced Mertle Edmonds from Lilo and Stitch[7][8].
  • Suzy Johnson from Phineas and Ferb notably looks just like Season One Olivia.
  • In Season Two, Fu Dog mentions during a tea party with Haley that Olivia busted her Party Patty Doll Beach Time Convertible and blamed it on a girl called Chelsea Fluderman[9].



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