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The Oracles in Season 2

An Oracle is a person that can see predictions of the future, like a seer. Only two individuals are known to be Oracles: the twins Sara (seen left) and Kara (seen right). They were first introduced in the episode "Dragon Breath" and have starred in the episode "Body Guard Duty", both in Season 1.

Because of their magical gift, Oracles are considered a part of the magical world. But aside from their seer ability, they are perfectly normal humans.

Seer Ability[]

Although it may sound like Oracles can see the future at will, they actually can't decide when they will get premonitions or what they will be about. The visions come to them suddenly, and they have the immediate urge to blurt out what was revealed to them. It is physically impossible for an Oracle to not have visions and not say anything about them. Also, they cannot lie; their predictions are 100% true and certain to happen. When a vision comes to them, their eyes will glow a bright gold.

Sara Kara vision

Sara, her eyes glowing

It is important to note that Oracles do not necessarily give out predictions in a very forward manner; most of the time, they will only imply a certain outcome. Also, when taken out of context, their revelations may prove misleading. Sara even warns that their predictions may not come true the way people expect. Another interesting thing to note is that one prediction may appear bad for some, but may actually be good to others.

In a situation where twins are born from an Oracle, like it is currently the case, the seer ability will be split between the two newborns. In the current outcome, Sara sees only negative things while Kara only sees positive things.

Because of their ability, Oracles are often targets of abuse. If kidnapped, like in "Body Guard Duty", they will most likely be forced to make predictions on the outcome of sports games or other similar events that can prove profitable for gamblers. In Jake's case, he asked the Oracle twins to reveal the answers of a mythology test.

Episode Appearances[]

Season One[]

"Old School Training" (mentioned)

"Dragon's Breath" (first appearance)

"Body Guard Duty"

"Shapeshifter" (mentioned)

"Eye of the Beholder"

"Hong Kong Nights"

Season Two[]

"The Academy"

"Magic Enemy #1"(final appearance)

"Being Human"(cameo)


  • Fu Dog mentions that the current Oracles are descendants of the Oracle of Delphi, Pythia, a famous seer of ancient Greece;
  • In ancient times, it was believed that gods would speak through Oracles to deliver warnings or omens;
  • Oracles are never wrong, even if some people try to prove otherwise by manipulating the predictions;
  • As shown in "Body Guard Duty", Oracles can also have visions about themselves. For example, Sara uses her powers briefly on one occasion to save her sister from being crushed by Goblins.