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The Order of the Dragon or The Dragon Order is the organization of the collective Dragons around the world. It is revealed in Dragon Summit that the Order has existed for 1472[1] years exact as seen written on a banner.

Dragons are the protectors of the Magical World. They keep law and order and protect weak magical creatures from being harmed by other magical creatures and the Hunstmen. This somewhat makes them the main target for the latter. However, not all magical creatures tend to respect a Dragon's role as a guardian and tend to challenge them for dominance many times.

The Order is supervised by the World Dragon Council while other dragons carry out their duties.


The rank system seen through out the show are as follows.

World Dragon Council: The leaders of the Order, they choose the various position of the dragons in the Order as well as discharge them if they fail to perform their duty.

Dragon Masters: They are the teachers assign to train and guide their students to become proper protectors of the magical world. It is revealed that Masters are not allowed to train those related to them. Lao Shi was an exception to this rule only because he persuaded the council. It was also revealed in the same episode that if a student fails to perform properly the teacher is blamed and is assigned a new Master.

World Dragons: They are the collective positions of dragons assigned to a particular country, usually their country of origin.


  • The majority of the council are former World Dragon, implying that being a world dragon is a qualification to become a council member.
  • The only dragon masters seen are also World Dragons, implying that one must be one to qualified.
  • The Order has existed for a Century and a half.


Dragon Summit[1]


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Banner in Dragon Summit.