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The Pooka[1][2] is a very powerful magical creature adept at enchantments. Its only goal is to spread mayhem and chaos and thrive on negative emotions.

Physical Appearance[]

The Pooka is a very odd creature with unique characteristics. The back and top of its head is purple and ends in a little curl. It has pointed cheeks with a round shape at the end, pale green skin and a flat orange nose. It constantly wears a teal bow tie as well as a purple outfit, gloves, and shoes. When observed from up close, it appears that the Pooka is made of sewn pieces, which may indicate that it is, in fact, a cursed puppet-like creature. This is further proven by the fact that it doesn't move its lips, but instead just opens its mouth up and down like a puppet. Also, when Jake applies pressure to its body by wrapping his tail around it, the Pooka's eyes pop out of their sockets for a few seconds, like those of a plush doll. It stands no taller than Jake's sister, Haley.


The Pooka is an eccentric little creature whose main goal is to wreak havoc all around. It loves chaos and mayhem and is not afraid to show it. When it manages to get enough people together, it will rile them up against anybody it wishes. The Pooka can also appear outright mean, as seen when it ditches its entire mob of mind-controlled kids in the subway for Haley alone. Also, the Pooka highly supports violence and will even turn a brother and sister against each other. During a fight, it will always go for the cheap shot.

Magical powers[]

Although the Pooka doesn't possess many abilities, it is actually quite skilled in enchantments. Its songs, although they sound like gibberish to most, have a mind control spell imbued in them. Whenever it sings, the Pooka is able to slowly take control over the minds of its targets and is able to force them into doing anything it wants. This process can prove to be tedious since the Pooka's victims need to be exposed to the spell for long enough for the creature to have full power over them. The Pooka itself does not fight, but rather relies on his brainwashed minions.

The Pooka is also quite agile since it is able to make pirouettes and can easily climb onto anything.

Pooka Pooka Fun-Fun Farm[]

In order to take control of all the kids in town, the Pooka began to air a puppet TV show titled Pook Pooka Fun-Fun Farm in which it plays the role of the star. The story basically revolves around the Pooka trying to save its farm from a redhead cowboy who wants to get rid of it. Of course, the Pooka always manages to foil its enemy's plans, and always celebrates with a song. The song is actually aimed at the kids who watch the show so they can slowly be taken over by the Pooka's enchantment.


"Ain't this a pookarious situation!"
"Sorry, my good pals, but one Dragon is worth a thousand of you losers!" (laughs)
"Pooka pain! Pooka poke! Put that Pooka hater down! We will raise the mayhem Dragon style!"
"Come on, fight like a Pooka! Go for the cheap shot!"
"Finish him! Pooka demands you!"

Episode Appearance[]

Season Two[]


  • The Pooka is based on a Goblin of the same name in Irish folklore. However, this one is supposed to be benevolent and not destructive like the one in the series.
  • In "Haley Gone Wild", during Haley's stealing frenzy, another kid about her age runs out of a Speedy Mart with a stolen Pooka Pooka doll.
  • Haley's dad, Jonathan, forbade Haley to watch Pooka Pooka Fun-Fun Farm from the beginning because he found the Pooka puppet very creepy, and believed it to be brainwashing, which it was.
  • The Pooka had a Pooka Pooka Fun-Fun Farm booth at the local video game and comic convention. It featured a wide variety of Pooka merchandise and even had a karaoke line as well as a live show.
  • When the Pooka gains control of a large mob, even Sun Park's meditation training cannot break the mind control spell.
  • The Pooka's TV show is very similar in concept to Sesame Street: both feature puppets as their main characters and also have songs. The only difference between the two is that Sesame Street is an educational show, unlike Pooka Pooka Fun-Fun Farm.
  • He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker[3].


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