American Dragon Jake Long
Ressurection Spell


bring people or magical creatures back from the dead
A cirlce of stones, moonlight
Ressurected beings
Huntsclan members (failed), Dark Dragon

The Resurrection of Spell is a spell that enables a magical creature to bring someone back from the dead. The spell is a very complex one, but if performed correctly, Death can be cheated.


The spell is a complex one and it's required time to complete it. There are two ways to cast this spell:

This first version, however, only works as long the spell books remains intact. Once the book is destroyed, it's magic will vanish. There's a second version, which includes:

  • Create a circle of stones with four torches around it.
  • Create in the center of this circle a bonfire.
  • Gather Hydra Scales and Phoenix Feather.
  • It's necessary the Chi of the American Dragon (blood can also be used).

History of Use[]

The Huntsman, angry at dragons constantly attempts (and success) in stop the Huntsclan from hunting magical creatures, decides to use the Magical Scarab Beetle to resurrect an army of hunters to destroy all dragons in the world. Though he success in casting the spell, Jake used dragon fire to burn the spell book. With the book destroyed, the magic vanished.

The second time was when Chang, and her sidekick, Bananas B, were determined to bring the Dark Dragon back, and used trolls to create a circle of stones in a rocky zone outside of New York. Then, she entered the Magus Bazar to steal the hydra scales and phoenix feather needed for the spell.

She then kidnapped Jake so she could use his dragon chi to bring back the Dark Dragon. The spell did not work because Jake was stripped of his dragon powers and was human at the time. She then attempted to steal Haley's chi but was prevented by Sun Park and Lao Shi, who restored Jake's powers. In the middle of the battle, Jake was wounded and the object was stained with his blood. A drop of this blood fell upon the bonfire which was enough to bring the Dark Dragon back to life and additionally gave him even greater dark powers than before.