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Ron Slam is the author of a motivational business book titled The Grindstone: Is Your Nose To It?  that Spud read and took references from for his skateboarding competition. Many people read this book from both the human realm and the magical realm, and take advice from Ron Slam's various lessons in motivation.

Lessons and Catchphrases[]

In his book, Ron Slam comes up with many lessons and catchphrases that his readers need to follow in order to become more motivated. Here is a list of his known lessons:

  • Crashes give experience, and experience is the mother of both skill and reward;
  • The only treasures worth having are the ones we pay for with sweat;
  • Every warrior has a weakness, and victory goes to he who won't quit until he finds it.


  • Instead of being grounded, Spud is forced to read motivational business books by his father, one of which being Ron Slam's book;
  • Whenever Spud quotes Ron Slam's book, motivational music plays in the background;
  • The leader of the Hobgoblin gang, Thandera, also quotes Ron Slam and calls him a genius.