Write the text of your article here! Sara and Kara are Oracles who 1st apperead in episode 2, Dragon Breath. Sara, she can only see the bad stuff that happens and Kara, she can only see the good stuff that happens.

Sara is a very happy girl who was seen having Ice Cream (probably Strawberry flavored.) Kara is very serious and just looks like shes just not happy. In Season 1 the girls were more regular twins who looked similiar to each other, Sara has Lightish Orange Hair and Kara has Darkish Orange Hair. They botth have eyes that can sometimes glow yellow.

They both helped Jake, Trixie, and Spud stopped the Dark Dragon with Veronica and the Tooth Fairy with her Tooth Minions. Sara and Kara one time went to school with Jake, Trixie, and Spud. In season 2, Sara has Yellow Hair and Kara has Black Hair, whether this is done by them to make them less identical or is a revamp for the storyline is unknown.

The girls personalities are contridictory to their visions. Sara ever the optimist is plagued with nothing but visions of doom and gloom. While her constantly depressed sister sees nothing but good things. However it is explained that because Sara only sees bad things she constantly tries to look on the bright side of everything . While Kara is perpetually depressed because her powers spoil all of lifes good moments for her.



Fu Dog

Lao Shi


Tooth Minions

Tooth Fairy



Mermaid with blue hair and a green T-shirt and looks like Silver


Dark Dragon

Counciler Chang

Shade Demons

Herbert the Goblin and his minions

Eli Pandarus


Sara: Hi, your cute. Want to hear the exacte time day your going to die?

Jake: Uhhh...

Kara: Your going to get a 2000 game station for Christmas this year. Whoptiy top dance do for you.

Fu: Uhhh.. hears the deal. Sara: Little Mrs. Sunshine, she can only see the bad stuff that's gonna happen. Kara: Mrs. Blue and Bloom, she can only see the good.

Sara: (to Jake) You should toatly have that mole on your hand checked. (giggles)


Kara and Sara are both voiced by Tara Strong.

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