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Sea Serpent dragon

A Sea Serpent in comparison to a Dragon

The Sea Serpent is a creature that dwells in bodies of salt water, such as oceans and seas. Although it is considered magical, it is more of a cryptid, a creature whose existence hasn't been recognized scientifically and is considered very unlikely. Only one appears in the entire series[1].

Physical Appearance[]

The Sea Serpent is very similar to the oarfish (rare eel-like creature) in that it has an elongated body and a viciously fanged mouth. Its cheeks have protruding fin-like crests and pairs of horn-like appendanges coming out at the top of its head and under its lower jaw. It has orange spikes running all along its back and a forked tail tip. Interestingly, it also has two scaly wings that permit it to fly. When underwater, those wings are probably used as fins.

Life in the Magical World[]

Unlike most magical creatures, Sea Serpents are not capable of speech. They have kept their wild animal behavior and habits, acting mostly on instinct. If tamed, they can be used as a steed, as shown by Tiburón[1]. They are neither good nor bad and will simply follow their master's orders.

Sea serpent dehydrated

A dehydrated Sea Serpent

Other than flight and the ability to breath underwater or on land, the Sea Serpent doesn't possess any special powers.

Because it is a marine creature, the Sea Serpent cannot live out of the water for too long. When the environment around it turns too dry for the serpent to tolerate, it will become dehydrated and start hyperventilating. Depending on the severity of its dehydration, the Sea Serpent might faint.

To restore its health, it must bathe in water until it has cooled off and regained its strength. It is possible for Dragons to cause an early dehydration state to a Sea Serpent by mixing seawater and a firebreath to create hot steam.


  • Though this hasn't been confirmed, it is highly possible that Sea Serpents come in different forms and colors.
  • When Sea Serpents roar, they sing like whales.
  • At the end[1], Jake imprisons Tiburón's Sea Serpent inside a water bubble. It is unknown if it was led to the shark prison or set free after the ordeal with Tiburón and his gang.
  • The Gorgons (Fury, Euryale and Medusa) once turned a Sea Serpent into a slave along with a Unicorn, a Phoenix, and a Dragon.
  • The Sea Serpent is depicted to have wings in the show.



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