American Dragon Jake Long
Shaggy Frog
Season: 2
Production code: 223
Written by:
Johanna Stein
Directed by:
Nicholas Filippi
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
April 28, 2007
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"Shaggy Frog" is the forty-fourth episode of American Dragon: Jake Long. Its title is a parody of The Shaggy Dog.


Spud was trying to get his clothes from the stupid locker 896. Jake tried to help Spud but Spud wanted to do it by himself.

Jake sees pictures of the Spudical Dragon and Jake thaught Spud's dream was to live in a chocloate house and raise marshmellow animals, but that was Spud's plan. His dream is to be a magical hero like Jake.

After Spud lost the game and was tortured by Stacy, Spud came to the cafeteria unhappy and sat next to Jake and Trixie. 2 faries from the Magical Community sent a gift for Jake for saving the world and has a comic book with a picture of a missing magical frog that belonged to a family of trolls. Spud left and they guessed he was going to eat more dirt.

At Magus Bizzare, 2 members of the Huntsclan returned who were named 88 and 89. All the creatures laugh at them and a pixie throws 88 and 89 in a trash can.

While Jake and his pal were searching for the magical frog in the swamp, Spud was still upset about Jake being a hero. Suddenly, a huge giant creature called the Moss Monster attacks.

88 and 89 were searching for the frog to and they hear the dragon fighting the moss monster.

Jake tosses the creature back into the pond. The moss monster was thrown by Jake and it died when it hit the floor and drowned. Jake and Trixie see the magical frog, but 88 and 89 caught it. However, the frog escaped. Jake and his friends returned the frog back to the trolls. 88 and 89 realized that the magical frog is gone.

At school Spud looked liked a frog. At the gift shop, Fu realized that the magical frog turned Spud into a werefrog.

88 and 89 battled Jake and Spud. After Spud drank the antidote that Trixie picked up, Spud turned back into his old self.

88 and 89 were most likely killed by the glowing hand and Jake and his two friends escaped.


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  • It is a parody of The Shaggy Dog.
  • Spud's voice actor in this episode's end credits Charlie Finn is spelled "Charlie Fill".


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