American Dragon Jake Long
S1E2 - Jake's identity almost revealed
Season: 1
Production code: 102
Story by:
Matt Negrete
Storyboards by:
Wendy Grieb
Dave Knott
Directed by:
Chris Roman
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
May 13, 2005
DVD Releases:
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"Shapeshifter" is the thirteenth episode of the Disney Channel Original series American Dragon: Jake Long.


When Jake gets shapeshifting powers for a dragon mission, he misuses them to get out of a parent-teacher conference and impress his peers. Jake's cover is blown when he goes undercover as a goblin to retrieve the magical Orb of Malorfis from the Huntsclan.


Jake went with Fu Dog and Grandpa on a mission to catch a goblin, named Ralph. After they chased and caught Ralph, Fu performed a truth spell which revealed Ralph planned to get the Orb of Malorphus from the Huntsman and deliver it to Ohio.

At school, Jake caught up to Spud and Trixie. He apologized to them for not being able to hang last night. Both of them said they were upset that some rich kids kicked them out of the skatepark... too upset about that to mind. As he is walking to class, he overheard Rose and a friend talking about how in love she was with someone, and misinterpreted her as them talking about him, but when he went to tell her that he feels the same way, he was embarrassed to found out that they were really talking about a young pop star, in order to redirect the conversation he tried to show them some new skateboard moves. But only ended up causing trouble with Rotwood who decided to have a parent-teacher conference with his parents.

Back at Lao Shi's shop Jake complained to him about how being a Dragon was ruining his life and how he wished he could just pass on his duties to someone else, but he told him that the responsibilities of the American Dragon were his and his alone. About the Orb of Malarfuse, a powerful sphere of dark magic, which Ralf was planning to receive from the Huntsman and give to a Goblin crime ring in Ohio in exchange for a large sum of money. Lao Shi told Jake that he must get the orb from the Hunts Clan, at first he thought he simply had to take it from them by force, but then Lao Shi told him that this mission requires him to go undercover as the Goblin, which confused him until he revealed that all dragons possessed the power to transform. Fu Dog made a potion for Jake to tap into the ability to shape shift into anyone he wanted to be. When Jake took that potion he transformed into Fu Dog and Grandpa and made jokes about them.

In the park, the Huntsman and his clan were on a bridge waiting for Ralph, Jake transformed into him and went to retrieve the Orb of Malarfuse. Then Jake acted like Ralph to convince the Huntsman that he is Ralph, the Huntsman points at him, Jake thinks that he is going to shoot him because of his bad acting, but thankfully he pulled it off and a message appeared. The Huntman told him that the orb will take a little longer to arrive than expected and said that he would have to bring it the next day, and they disappeared. Unfortunately, his happiest was short lived, when he returned home and his parents were upset to receive a request form for a parent-teacher conference.

When Jake's parents arrived for the conference, Jake transformed into one of the teachers and told his parents that their meeting was in another room. He transformed into Rotwood and went to talk to his parents. Jake acted silly to make Rotwood look silly and dumb like Jake said the night before, and his parents left out of their minds. Then Jake transformed into his mother and talked to Rotwood and told him that he was just jealous and Jake left.

In the hall way he transformed into a singer and went up to Rose, but they made him play his guitar and sing and he failed to do so that he leaves. Outside in the skate park he shape shifted into a professional and made the bully let Trixie and Spud skate.

At the night meeting for the orb, Jake changed into the goblin Ralph... except his leg... until he shook it. Before they gave the orb, Jake lost control and started transforming into mixed forms: attaching parts from Fu Dog, Grandpa, his mom, Professor Rotwood, and more forms that he had shape-shifted into. He then fought with the Huntsgirl who captured him.

Later, Fu Dog and Grandpa freed Ralph who leads them to the Huntsman. Just before Jake's head is revealed, Fu Dog turned off the lights. Jake managed to turn dragon and use dragon strength to break the bricks that held the chain. The Huntsgirl fought Jake and Grandpa in Dragon form flew to the wood-support of the roof. When Huntsman zapped at him, the blast broke the support causing the roof to start collapsing... as planned... but chunks of roof trapped Grandpa. Jake/American Dragon saved him by blasting fire at ropes to drop a mirror near Grandpa who ducked down. The Huntsman's blast reflected injuring himself. Due to the injury and the roof of their dungeon-prison collapsing, the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl fled. As the roof collapses and the room shakes, the Orb rolls and falls down off a table... so Jake quickly flew and caught it.

Outside of his school, Jake and Grandpa were talking about what happened. Grandpa asked Jake if he had misused his shape shifting powers, Jake told him that he did not, but at that moment they saw Jake disguised as his mom arguing with Rotwood, Rose on the news talking about the singer, and Trixie and Spud arrived to tell them about the skater. Jake smiled at Grandpa and asked if he was busted, with Grandpa yelling "You do not know the meaning of the word!"


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