Vocal command
Physical effect
Smoke, Sparkles, Fire
Alters the shape of the user and enables him/her to assume another form

Shape-shifting is the supernatural ability to be capable of magically alter one's body and assume another shape. It is a common power among magical creatures.


Every time Jake and Haley shift from their human to dragon forms, they say "dragon up", or in situations of partial-body transformations will say "body-part of the dragon". As other dragons have not been seen uttering these vocal commands may indicate that Jake and his sister use it as a form of mantra to focus their newly gained abilities.


Initially Jake's transformations were accompanied by a mystical fire playing across his body or portions thereof. However sometimes, especially if in a rush, and apparently already mentally focused to the task, he simply changed without saying anything[1].

Eventually, perhaps as he gained proficiency with the change, Jake's shifting was accompanied by a thick engulfing aura, the color of which were blue for Jake and Lao Shi but varied with individuals.



Main article: Dragons

Shape-shifting is the dragons' primary ability, using it to assume their mythic form in which they fully express most of their powers. Dragons can partially transform parts of their bodies to best utilize these powers while mostly still in human form.


Main article: Nix

Contrary to dragons, Nixes' shape-shifting are an involuntary reflex as opposed to an actual power. It only manifests when the moon is at its peak in the night sky, at which time the Nix will assume their true form.

Spells and Potions

Another way to access this power is through spell casting. A good spell-caster such as Fu Dog is capable of mixing potions able to grant the user the ability to assume any form they wish. However the more the power is used the harder is to control. It is also possible to make potions to temporarily strip shape-shifting powers.


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