American Dragon Jake Long

Sharks People are magical creatures which make their home in the oceans, but are roughly bipedal and able to breathe air for a period, as well as walk on solid ground. They are a cross between a shark and a human.

Tiburón was the leader of the Shark People to rule seas by using Neptune's Trident while riding on a Sea Serpent. Tiburón's army of Shark People looked like makos, great whites, hammerheads, sand tigers, Megalodons, and other shark species. After the Sea Serpent found his weakness, which was steam, Tiburón fell into the ocean with his Sea Serpent, but they might have survived.

A Shark Woman was seen when she was dating Jake's gramps and she bites the sofa with a huge chomp and still smiles while chewing[1]. In a blooper, The Shark Woman, who was wearing a pink dress, spits out a piece of metal, a chair, Neptune's Trident, and last, but only two more, Trixie and Spud[1]! The Shark Woman also made a short appearance while playing go fish with Fu and a few other magical creatures[2].