Sirens are female magical creatures from the sea. They control boys and men with their singing.

Despite popular beliefs not all sirens don't have to be highly attractive and can just be plain in appearance. Which can help their disguise since most looking for sirens will be looking for beautiful girls.

Sirens may be related to mermaids, as Fu Dog's siren costume looked very much like a mermaid. Unlike mermaids, however, sirens have a more human appearance and can transform their tails to walk on land[citation needed].

There is a siren at Jake's school, a student named Vicky Fickling. Her picture was even in Jake's class yearbook[1].


  • Dragon Summit, mentioned
  • Siren Says
  • Being Human, cameo

Magical powers

Sirens use their hypnotic and mind control powers to make men sink to the ocean and drown. Sirens can change themselves into humans[citation needed].


  • Although Vicky is a siren, her powers came from her necklace, but most sirens never wear necklaces that do not have powers[citation needed].
  • All sirens are females. At least those with hypnotic singing abilities; if there are males of the race, they are unknown.
  • In Greek mythology, sirens are sea nymphs who were given the bodies of birds by the goddess Demeter to help search for her abducted daughter Persephone or as a punishment for failing to look after her. Eventually they became evil and settled on a flowery island where they sang songs to lure mariners to their death.


  1. Being Human
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