American Dragon Jake Long
Sun Park
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Mid-20's [1]
Date of Birth: 1981
Hair and Eye Color: Black
Created By: Jeff Goode
Employment: Home Ec Teacher
Haley's Dragon Master
Friends: Jake Long, Haley Long, Lao Shi,Fu Dog, The Dragon Council, Trixie, Spud, Jonathan Long, Susan Long, Rose
Students: Jake(economics)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Sandra Oh[2][3]
First Appearance: Half Baked
Last Appearance: The Hong Kong Longs

Sun Park[4][5] is Jake, Spud and Trixie's Home Economics teacher. She appears to be a pacifist but is later revealed to be the Korean Dragon, having come to be Haley's dragon teacher.


In human form, Sun resembles a woman of Korean descent with dark skin, long black hair, and red lips. She wears a long yellow top with a pink bottom trim, a turquoise gown, and faded green leather sandals, along with silver rings on her fingers and a pink pearl necklace around her neck.

In dragon form, Sun has a long slender body with turquoise scales, short black hair, a yellow belly, four-clawed hands and two-clawed feet. She has darker colored smooth wings for flight, lighter antennae on her head, and a star shape on her tail with a yellow circle in the middle.


That she is actually the Korean dragon, and takes up the duty of training Jake's little sister Haley as her dragon master. Her training method for Hayley is much different from Lao Shi's method of training Jake, using a softer approach while giving lessons on trust and peace as opposed to Lao Shi having Jake clean a giants teeth and to trust no one[6]. One thing she doesn't like is Jake pulling bad pranks on Haley (no matter how much she deserves it). Jake asked for her help when a Pooka was controlling Haley and other children[7]. She tells Jake that he is destined for great things and gives him extra credit[8]. She is usually called Mrs. Park. She is present when Huntsclan is destroyed by Rose and Jake made his wish to save her life before he destroyed all the skulls. Sun Park passes by, but she doesn't see Brad about to hurt Jake, but Brad was beaten by Jake's negative doppelganger[9].

She fights Chang and rescues Jake[10]. She fights in the final battle with the Dark Dragon, Chang, and Bananas B. She helps Haley defeat Chang by tossing a sphinx-hair net on her that had been used to contain Gramps. She was told to destroy the Dragon Council by the Dark Dragon but she has huge long ears, while the other dragons turn into different animals, before the final battle is about to begin. She escapes with the other dragons, but Rose is still fighting the Dark Dragon. After the Dark Dragon is imprisoned in another dimension, Sun is cheering for Jake and Rose with the other heroes after The Dark Dragon is gone[11].

Dragon Heritage[]

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Sun possesses the standard abilities of all dragons.


According to executive producers Eddie Guzelian and Matt NeGrate, Sun was originally supposed to have a fight on top of a volcano with Rose[12], which would have resulted in her death at Rose's hands; however, the scene was cut for being too dark.

Episodes Appearance[]

Season Two[]


  • Sun Park is seen shortly when she gives Jake an extra credit assignment[8].
  • A possible explanation as to why Sun Park isn't currently in Korea, could be that her own substitute dragon is in active duty in her absence.
  • Sun Park is called Mrs. Park in the yearbook and she is one of the teachers in the yearbook[10].
  • Sun Park is angry at Haley, because Haley was complaining to her about the annoying troll woman that lost the wedding ring down the drain and Haley refused to get it, but sadly she had to.
  • Sun uses her meditation training to calm mind controlled people down when they are controlled by the Pooka.
  • She doesn't want Lao Shi to be to angry with Jake when he messes up.
  • Sun Park makes a cameo appearance in one episode[9], but she doesn't speak.
  • There are only two episodes in which Sun Park does not turn into a dragon[8][9].
  • Sun Park never appears in Season 1.
  • In dragon forms, Chang is taller than Sun, but in human forms, Sun is taller than Chang.
  • Sun's dragon form resembles that of her Nationality with wings.


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