American Dragon Jake Long
Susan Long
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 37
Date of Birth: Late 1960's
Hair and Eye Color: Black
Created By: Jeff Goode
Employment: Carterer
Sisters: Patchouli Long (sister-in-law)
Father: Luong Lao Shi
Husband: Jonathan Long
Children: Haley Long (Daughter)
Jake Long (Son) unnamed daughter
Nephew: Gregory
Cousins: Cathy
Pets: Fu Dog
Friends: Aunt Cathy

Trixie Carter
Arthur Spudinski
Inga, Sven, and Uta (Employees)

Nemesis: Shade Demons

The Dark Dragon
Hans Rotwood
Bananas B
Councilor Chang

Production Info
Portrayed by: Lauren Tom
First Appearance: Old School Training
Last Appearance: The Hong Kong Longs

Susan Long[1][2], née Luong, is a Dragon who appears as a Chinese woman. She is Jake and Haley's mother, daughter of the previous Chinese Dragon Lao Shi, and wife of Jonathan Long.

Physical Appearance[]

Susan is a woman with apricot skin, her dark hair in a pointed bob cut, yellow earrings, and yellow necklace. Her outfit is a dark cyan shirt, pink jacket with yellow hieroglyphs, lapis pants and black Mary Jane shoes. Later, her hair is longer, her necklace and earrings are teal, her outfit is a purple sweater and cyan jeans, except still pairing her Mary Jane shoes.


Despite being born to a bloodline of Chinese dragons, Susan did not inherit any dragon powers because the magic skipped her generation as sometimes will, and thus she is locked in human form. She owns her own catering service which has been known to service premiere events such as the televised wedding of famous soap opera stars Thad Rochefort-Chaise and Jasma Sancere[3].

Ever since senior year of high school, Susan refrained from telling Jonathan the truth about her family of "magical reptiles", having been reluctant to reveal it to him while trying to work up the courage to tell him that magical creatures are real out of fear of how he would react – that he would freak out and possibly leave her, which he nearly did[4]. Jake learned that she had written a letter while they were dating, explaining her family's dragon heritage, but had never given it to him. Using time travel, Jake took the note and put it in his father's locker, causing him to actually leave her until Jake could straighten everything up. She's been trying to work her way to tell him that magical creatures are real.

She was finally forced to reveal everything to Jonathan after he accidentally walked in on Haley in dragon-form[5]. Not only did he take it well, much to Susan's relief, but he immediately proceeded to help Jake after discovering the trouble they were in. Susan took part in the final battle with the Dark Dragon, the first and only time in the series she participated in a battle, destroying some of the Shade Demons with a camera flash.

Episode Appearances[]

Season One[]

Season Two[]


  • At times, Susan's nail polish appears and disappears whenever her hands are seen.
  • Susan is shown to hate Mr. Rotwood.
    • Jake used his shapeshifting powers to turn into Rotwood and made it look like he was a nut[6].
    • Susan attacked Rotwood, believing him to be insane[7].
  • Susan seems to be named after the flower itself as Luong Lao-Shi would affectionately call her, "My lotus flower" during her adolescence; lotus being one of the meanings of her name.


  • Susan along with all the characters from season 1, was given a makeover in season 2 which is sterner than her first season debut.
  • In Jeff Goode's transcript for "Hero of the Hourglass", it is stated that Susan and Johnathan were seventeen in 1986. The present takes place twenty years later, meaning that Susan is 37.
  • Early in preproduction, in a behind-the-scenes only back-story, Susan was the one to migrate to America. Thus, by marrying Jonathan she became an American citizen. In order not to jeopardize that, she kept the truth about her and her family being dragons from him. This is similar to some of the women's stories in Joy Luck Club, a movie that Susan's voice actress Lauren Tom starred in, where their pasts were not spoken of. Ultimately, the real reason as to why Jonathan is unaware of the family secret was to create comedic scenes between him and Jake.
  • Originally, Susan was going to be a dragon but, in the end, Eddie Guzelian and Matt Negrete felt Jake’s dragon-ness would be less special if Susan had powers of her own.[8]
  • For "Hong Kong Nights", in a rough draft it was going to be revealed that Chang was Susan's mother and Jake's grandmother. This was taken away because it meant Chang probably had her out of wedlock.[8]
  • For the final draft, it was hinted by Chris Roman that Lao Shi may have been unaware that he had a daughter, hence his statement of having no family.[9]


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