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Dragons are powerful magical creatures which possess immense powers like:

  • Dragon Strength: Dragons are capable of lifting from 5-25 tons[citation needed] or way more if under stress[citation needed] and can injure humans merely by gripping their wrists and easily lift vans or cars.
  • Flight: Dragons can fly and move through the air, even if they do not possess wings this allows them to easily cruise through the city or the magical world.
  • Shape-shifting: Dragons are natural shapeshifters and if enhanced by magic they can assume other beings forms they can also call upon an individual part of their dragon form like eyes which increases their sight to see further or in complete darkness, or ears so as to hear further or through glass.
  • Doppelganger: Dragons can create magical clones of themselves using their chi energy, although if too much chi is used to create doppelgangers, the user will be drained dry.
  • Dragon reflexes: Dragons have reaction time giving them amazing reflexes in both human and dragon forms and this allows them to dodge minor and fatal attacks.
  • Endurance: Dragons have great durability and high tolerance to injury they can fall on their necks and not get killed be thrown into a brick wall with little discomfort, and get smacked into a wall and get up like nothing happened,or get hit in the face with a various objects with little injury.
  • Fangs/Dragon claws:Dragon's have extremly sharp claws and teeth the teeth allowing them to bite extremly tough steel with no damage to their teeth  and the claws allow them to pick locks or scratch enemies or objects.
  • Breath weapon: The breath of dragons can be a weapon. It varies from individual dragon type-to-type. The most commonly encountered is fire. However some have a freezing cold breath able to encase targets completely in ice.
  • Enhanced eyesight/hearing:Dragon's possess enhanced eyesight allowing them to see in pitch black areas or the blizzards,they also have better hearing allowing them to hear anything in their range if they focus in on a conversation or anything that makes noise.
  • Dragon tongue:Dragons can extend their tongues to catch tiny objects or grappel onto objects or tickle enemies.

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