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Tentacle monsters

A pair of Tentacled Monsters

The Tentacled Monsters are beasts with tentacles for arms that spend their time at the ice cream parlour called The Scoop in the Magus Bazaar. Two of them appear very briefly in the episode "A Befuddled Mind" in Season 2 and never make another appearance.

Physical Appearance[]

Blue Monster[]

The Blue Monster looks like an octopuss with seven tentacles total: four that serve as arms and three as legs. It has a round, bulgy head with a short but rather large spike coming out from the top of its head. Two more spikes, albeit smaller, protrude from its neck. It also has four sharp fangs, a fat-lipped mouth and a pair of green eyes.

Orange Monster[]

The Orange Monster looks like a lizard/toad with no tail or limbs, but with five tentacles instead: three serve as arms and two (although there are probably more) as legs. Its underbelly is of a softer orange color and it also has a soft purple color on the bottom of its tentacles. It has two purple horns on top of its head, sharp teeth, and a pair of dark eyes with yellow irises.

Life in the Magical World[]

Since Tentacled Monsters are seldom seen and never take on a large role, it is currently unknown if they actually possess any kind of magical power. They appear aggressive in nature, but tolerate other magical creatures without starting a fight.


  • The Blue Tentacled Monster has a few similarities with the Avemetrus;
  • In "A Befuddled Mind", the two Tentacled Monsters were having a double arm wrestling game, which the Blue Monster won.