American Dragon Jake Long
The Academy
Jake TA 51
Jake and Spud as Huntsboys #88 and #89
Season: 2
Production code: 204
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Disney Channel US Premiere:
July 1, 2006
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The Academy is episode 3 of season 2 in the Disney Channel Original Series American Dragon: Jake Long.



Kara and Sara arrive at Gramp's shop and tell Jake's friends and Gramps the Huntsclan are up to something. Jake, Spud, Lao Shi, Fu, and Trixie go to the closest Huntsclan teleportation platform that brings creatures from another dimension. Spud summons a small black cat. The cat turns into a creature with 2 mouths and 8 hairy tentacles with tipped claws. Spud types something into his computer and two Hunstclan trainees appear. Jake and Lao Shi turn into dragons and scare them. The trainees faint and are taken to the Shop and Fu puts them in an electric cage. Jake and Spud disguise themselves as the two trainees and teleport to the coordinates the trainees were attempting to find--a secret Huntsclan training school in upstate New York.

An instructor yells at Jake and Spud (as #88 and #89) for being late and forces them to complete an obstacle course before sending them to class. In Dragon Slaying 101, The Huntsmaster calls number 88 forward, stating that he "needs a dragon." Jake almost blows his cover by insisting he's not a dragon, but the Huntsmaster clarifies that he wants someone to play a dragon for a demonstration. The Huntsmaster's "assistant," who has "faced dragons before," joins the class for the demonstration. Rose tells the class that dragons have armor along their heads and backs, but that they have soft underbellies. Then she adds that dragons have another weak spot. #89 (Spud) interrupts and says that the weak spot is behind their left ear, which is why they are "babies" about being flicked behind the left ear. He stops himself mid-sentence and adds "at least, that's what I've read about in books." Rose tells the class that a hit behind the left ear will result in a "clean slaying." Before she leaves, she tells the class never to show a dragon mercy.

Back in "their" room, Jake and Spud discuss Rose. Jake is happy to see her, but Spud thinks he should face reality--Rose is teaching the students how to kill dragons. He tells Jake not to trust her. Jake replies, "Rose had a chance to slay me once. She let me go." Spud reminds Jake that they haven't come to rescue Rose--they're there to find out what the Huntsclan's evil plan is.

Jake and Spud sneak out. They find the room where the computer mainframe is located, hoping to hack into it so they can stop the Huntsclan's evil plan. But the room is heavily guarded. Rose ambushes the two. Jake is happy to see her, but Rose reminds him that she told him in a dream not to come looking for her. She doesn't know what the clan is planning, and says that the clan doesn't tell her anything anymore after she "messed up" in the field. Jake tells her that he and Spud have come to find out what the clan is planning and that they need to access the main computer.

Rose sneaks Jake and Spud back into their room. A Huntsclan official does a "bed check" right after they arrive in their room. Rose hides in the doorway, and Jake and Spud pretend to be asleep. The Huntsclan member leaves. Rose tells them she can help them get into the computer before leaving. Jake wants to help her escape, but she tells him she has nowhere else to go. She says he can't save her.

Back at Gramps' shop, 88 and 89 escape while Fu does his business.

Jake and Spud eat lunch in the cafeteria, noting that just like in their school, the Huntsclan students sit according to social groups. Two female students fight over Spud, whom they believe is something of a dragon expert after his earlier revelation about dragons' weak spots. One of the girls asks if they've studied for the "lab test" in Dragon Slaying.

In class, The Huntsmaster gives the students 30 minutes to mix together a potion that is lethal to dragons. Almost immediately, Jake adds a red drop of liquid to a purple potion and blows up the lab. The Huntsmaster tells them that they have failed the test because, in addition to destroying the lab, they've made a potion that is not lethal to dragons--it would only give the temporary appearance of death.

As punishment for failing the test, The Huntsmaster sends 88 and 89 to fight The Kraken in a huge arena. Rose destroyed the light to make it dark for Jake to turn into the dragon and defeat the Kraken. From a tunnel off the side of the arena, Rose tells Jake to keep moving. Jake says that he and Spud don't stand a chance, because Jake can't use his dragon powers to fight the Kraken without blowing his cover. Rose knocks out the arena's lights to create a distraction. Jake transforms into the American Dragon and chains up the Kraken under the cover of darkness. The lights come back on and the students see Spud standing underneath the chained Kraken. A female student calls him the greatest warrior in the school and everyone cheers.

At dinner, the students eat Mash Potatoes, Griffin Legs, and Green Slime. Jake tells Spud that he told him Rose could be trusted.

The girls who fought over Spud earlier both want to ask him to the dance--they get into another fight. Rose asks Jake if he has a date for the dance. Jake wants to go with her, but she tells him that the dance hall is located right above the computer room and the dance will create the perfect cover for them to access it. Jake says that he wants Rose to come with them after they get the files from the computer, but Rose only says that the clan would find her. She says that the only way she will ever graduate is if she slays a dragon.

Back home, Fu discovers that the real 88 and 89 have escaped.

Jake and Rose dance together before Rose creates a distraction. Two Huntsclan trainees start fighting, and the Huntsmaster tries to break them up but gets dragged into the chaos.

Jake and Spud download the files from the Huntsclan's computer. Rose tells them to head for the teleportation platform before running away. Jake chases after her, determined to save her from the clan. As Jake rounds the corner, the real 88 and 89 come into view. 88 says, "That's him!" The Huntsmaster says that Jake is an imposter. Huntsclan members corner Jake. Around the corner, Spud hears The Huntsmaster asking where number 89 is. #42 stumbles upon Spud. Spud switches #89's number with #42's and yells, "There's the other imposter!" The Huntsclan members ambush the trainee instead of Spud.

The Huntsmaster attempts to expose Jake's identity by taking off his mask, but Jake changes into his dragon form. Jake makes a break for it, but is quickly recaptured. The computer with the stolen files on it is also crushed in the resulting mayhem.

The Huntsmaster offers Rose one more chance to rejoin him in the field. The next day, at dawn, Rose will fight Jake in the arena.

Later, Rose comes to free Jake. Jake tells her not to, stating that the clan will blame her when they realize he's gone. He tells her, "You have to slay me." Once she kills him, she will be reinstated and will be able to go back to New York with the Huntsman. She can find out his plan and stop him. Rose says there has to be another way.

The next morning, Jake and Rose ride down to the arena in an elevator. Rose asks him if he has any last requests, and he says "just one" before kissing her.

Jake and Rose fight briefly before Rose strikes him with a green energy blast. Jake lands in the dirt next to a bottle of purple potion. Rose hesitates, and The Huntsmaster yells at her to finish him. Rose looks sad, but then runs toward Jake and strikes him behind the left ear. The Huntsmaster pronounces Jake dead.

Spud mourns Jake. Rose comes by and he lets her have it. Rose tells Spud that she and Jake hatched a plan: Rose made a new version of the potion that blew up the lab earlier. Jake only looks dead.

Jake wakes up. Rose teleports him and Spud out of The Academy. Jake starts to ask her when he'll see her again, but is cut off.

Later, at Jake's school dance, Jake and Spud sit at a table, looking depressed. Trixie dances happily with Kyle Wilkins. Spud asks some girls if they want to have a kung fu battle over him, and they dump a bowl of punch on him.

Rose asks Jake to dance. He asks her if she's back with The Huntsman. She says she'll do anything she can to help him stop The Huntsmaster. He says they can save the world by day and, by night...

Rose interrupts, saying The Huntsman will be watching her. She and Jake can't hang out too often or they'll both be in danger. She thanks Jake for everything.

Brad walks up and tells Rose she should "trade up" and dance with him. Looking sad, Rose lets herself be led away.


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  • When Rose (as Huntsgirl) was giving a lecture on the weaknesses of dragons, she claims that dragon-skin is mostly armor-like and the best spot to aim is their "soft-squishy-underbellies", which the disguised Jake mostly objects to by saying it's "muscle-weight". Actually, there are some old legends and novels that claim that (if not a tad higher to the heart) actually worked. Rose also claimed there is another weak spot dragons have and used that as a pop quiz at the Academy. The disguised Spud enthusiastically answers (much to Jake's annoyance) that it's behind the ears, the left one preferably "which is why they are such babies when you flich them there... er, at least that's what i read in books and stuff." The behing-the-ear weakness might be a spoof on the earlier made movie "Mulan", in which the little dragon Mushu, in his frustrated failure to awaken the Great Stone Dragon, accidentally reduces the whole statue to rubble just by knocking off one of the ears... although, in "Stony's" case, it was the right ear, not the left.


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