American Dragon Jake Long
The Doppelgänger Gang
Evil Jake
Season: 2
Production code: 209
Written by:
Chris Nee
Directed by:
Steve Loter
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
July 8th, 2006
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"The Doppelgänger Gang" is the twenty-fifth episode of American Dragon: Jake Long. In this episode, Jake learns a very important lesson: "You are your own worst enemy".


Jake got overbooked with school, jump rope practice, chores, and dragon training, and therefore was hardly getting any sleep, so Lao Shi gave him a PMA: a Personal Magical Assistant.

Later that night Jake's PMA woke him for emergency dragon training in Central Park, where Lao Shi taught him to release hits inner chi energy to create dopplegangers to help in battle and throw off the enemy. The next day Jake was late for school again; jumped during double-dutch virtually asleep; and was too tired to watch Haley – only for things to get worse when his father signed him up for Cougar Scout training.

Meanwhile in the shop, as he could not take it more, Jake convinced Fu Dog for a "magical shortcut", who gave him a purple-colored bottle filled with a chi amplifier which would help make doppelgangers which would be obedient and good. As Jake had four things to do at once, and the one doppelganger at that time now known as Cougar-Scout Jake was not enough, he made three more: Study-Boy Jake, Double-Dutch Jake, and Chore-Hound Jake.

Later that afternoon Jake checked up on his doppelgangers to see everything was going according to plan until he and Double-Dutch Jake tippped up Brad Morton with the rope, falling face-first into his lunch with Jake backing away slowly. Brad grabbed Doube-Dutch Jake and attemped to beat him up, just as teacher Sun Park was passing by, causing Brad to postpone the challenge for later at the skate park.

Back at home, Jake and his doppelgangers were deciding which was to face Brad until Study-Boy Jake suggested making another doppleganger. Just as Jake was about to do so, Spud and Trixie showed up only to find out what was going on. Trixie warned that it could be a bad idea but Jake insisted he had everything under control. Except he mistakenly grabbed a green bottle to help make the next doppelganger. Jake explained the situation to his new doppleganger, which appeared to have a sinister look on his face.

Given the order to be sure to protect his face from Brad, when the time came, Evil Jake interpreted that as to fight, blocking by grabbing Brad's fist and squeezing it, letting go only for Brad to fall off the ramp. Learning of that, Jake told the newest doppleganger he needed to take his orders like the rest of the 'Dopp Gang' but the new doppleganger informed him that he was not like the others. He then took dragon form and lashed out. Jake retaliated only to feel weak and lose the fight.

Back at the shop Jake discussed with Fu Dog why that chi-clone was bad. Jake showed the green bottle only for Fu to tell him that one was a negative chi amplifier which make dopplegangers which were unpredictable and evil. That 'Evil Jake' and every doppleganger made with it would suck chi energy away from the original, rendering him weaker. In order for the evil doppleganger to be defeated, he would have to first reabsorb the other doppelgangers to regain the chi strength he had imparted to them. Just as was is about to absorb Cougar-Scout Jake, Evil Jake popped out and absorbs him first.

Seeing as he has the same idea, Jake raced to Chore-Hound Jake but Evil Jake got there before him. He then headed for school only to find Evil Jake has already gotten to Study-Boy Jake so he went for the back courts where Trixie was putting up an argument about giving up Jump-Rope Jake. Evil Jake saw that and managed to absorb him. Back at the shop, Jake explains Evil Jake absorbed all the doppelgangers before he could when Evil Jake popped in to declare there was still one Jake left to absorb…the original.

Fu Dog and Jake gave Evil Jake the slip, hiding on the streets before Jake decided to try again to defeat Evil Jake the 'hard way.' Jake spotted him in the forest and the two fought until Jake got knocked out, landing on a merry-go round. Evil Jake managed to pin him down and began to absorb him.

Fortunately for Jake, as he was the original being absorbed, the process was a lot slower so he managed to muster the strength to make Extra Jake, another doppelganger successfully without a chi amplifier, which distracted Evil Jake long enough for Real Jake to strike him three times, each releasing an absorbed doppleganger. Evil Jake attempted to fly away but the original zooms in close enough to successfully reabsorb him. The 'Dopp Gang' congratulated Jake on his victory; he thanked them for their help and decided to conquer time management on his own without shortcuts and lies.

Having learned his lesson, Jake reabsorbed the chi-clones until there was just the one and only American Dragon Jake Long. In the end Jake achieved time management, doing the double dutch tournament with Trixie and Spud while Fu Dog babysat Haley.


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  • It is revealed that Dragons have the ability to create doppelgangers of themselves made with their Chi.
  • The labels for the various doppelgangers mentioned above were for the convenience of the article, and not mentioned within Canon.
  • Since no mention was made by anyone about how the coloration of the various Jakes –the Good were slightly lighter, while Evil Jake was slightly darker, in skin-tone– then it was most likely ONLY a "visible cue" for the real life audience and not visible to anyone in-universe.
  • Evil Jake's aura is orange when he 'dragons up' while the Real Jake's aura is blue. as this was not remarked upon by anyone, it too is unknown if it was simply an "audience visual cue" or not.


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