American Dragon Jake Long
The Hong Kong Longs
Hong Kong Longs
Rose kisses Jake
Season: 2
Production code: 231
Written by:
Eddie Guzelian
Directed by:
Nicholas Filippi
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
September 1, 2007
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"The Hong Kong Longs" is the fifty-second episode and series finale of the Disney Channel animated series American Dragon: Jake Long.


Jake and the Long family are headed to Hong Kong for vacation. Meanwhile, the Dark Dragon is plotting to destroy Jake. He kidnaps Grandpa and forces Jake to betray the dragons of the world. Rose, after having her memory partially restored by the sight of a picture of her and Jake together at Homecoming, helps Jake stop the Dark Dragon. Jake's father also discovers his family's secret, and is unsurprisingly, not that shocked.


The Long family headed to Hong Kong for vacation, which was, in reality, so that Grandpa and Jake would attend the One-Thousand-Year Toast at Victoria Peak at the very first Dragon Temple ever built, which only appeared every millennium.

Rose 2

As Jake is pulled away by two police officers, Rose feels for him.

Rose 1

Rose now remembers she was Huntsgirl from seeing the picture of her and Jake at the dance from "Dragon Breath."

While there, Jake also hoped to find Rose knowing she and her family moved there after her wish for the destruction of the Huntsclan altered reality so she herself had never been taken from her family as a baby, thus forgetting Jake as a consequence. Jake's friends then told him to forget about Rose and move on and find someone else, Jake then quickly changed the subject and decided to take a look at the view, but Gramps told Jake why they really went to Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the Dark Dragon plotted to destroy Jake and the council as a final step before taking over both the magical and mortal world. He sent Chang to kidnap Grandpa which led Jake, Trixie and Spud into a trap where the Dark Dragon and Jake fought with the Dark Dragon dominating when Grandpa appeared Jake tried to rescue him but he was pinned down. This forced Jake to spike the Dragon Toast with a mind-controlling potion, else never see his grandfather again. Jake, realizing the great power that the Dark Dragon had gained, decided he needed help in dealing with him.

The Hong Kong Longs

Trixie in water.

Sending Trixie and Spud, with Jonathan as tag-along, to search the local Huntsclan installation, Jake set out to find Rose in hopes that. even if she no longer remembered being Huntsclan, she still had a natural ability to fight dragons.

He confronted Rose outside of her school, tried to get her to remember and help him at Victoria Peak. Unfortunately, Rose was initially convinced he was an insane stalker and under the pretense of allowing him into her home in order to prove he was a dragon, had actually called her parents, who in turn had called the police to have Jake arrested. However, something about Jake resonated with Rose and she felt bad about him being taken away. She then found in the jacket Jake had left behind a photo of them which had survived the Wish by having been on his person at the time.

Jake shifted to dragon form to escape from the back of the paddy wagon and flew for to Victoria Peak. Meanwhile back at the hotel, Fu Dog informed Jake's mother about the trouble Jake was in, and when Haley transformed into her dragon form ready to go help, her father Jonathan accidentally walked into the room in time to see and fainted. After gaining consciousness and finally learning the truth of his family and the trouble Jake and Grandpa were in, Jonathan decided to take join them all at Victoria Peak to help defeat the Dark Dragon.

At the One Thousand Year Toast, Jake offered to serve the drink from the golden cup, spiking it as ordered, knowing the Dark Dragon was watching from afar. Once all had drunk, the Dark Dragon flew in and commanded Sun Park to kill another Dragon there. However she refused just before she, and the rest of the Toasters all changed into different animals, which was when Jake revealed he had switched the potion in order to lure the Dark Dragon out, bringing Grandpa along to be killed with them all.

Which was when Jake's friends and family showed up and together with the Good Dragons, returned to their original forms, engaged in final battle with the Dark Dragon and his shadowy minions. Despite having just learned of the magical World, Jonathan held his own, with he and Susan using his flash camera and a bejeweled chalice to banish many of the Shadow Demons.

Rose also appeared in time to help Jake at the battle's climax, the photograph having helped restored her memory. As the eclipse event which anchored the temple in reality drew to an end, and the temple about to disappear for another thousand years, all the dragons and mortals fled outside. Unfortunately Rose remained fighting off the Dark Dragon and they were both trapped by falling debris. Jake, flew in to rescue her, determined he would not lose her again. The Dark Dragon however, grabbed a hold of Jake's leg with his tail, determined to trap them all, however Rose used her Huntsclan staff to cut them free.


Jake and Rose kiss again after months of being apart by magic, sealing their romance.

Just as the vortex closed, Jake and Rose barely escaped to the applause from all the dragons and Jake's family and friends. Rose passionately kissed Jake, showing him the photo and how her memory had been restored by it.

As they all returned to their hotel room, Jake mentioned that although his father had only just found out he had married into a family of dragons, that he was taking the news pretty well. Jonathan responded that he guess he had always known there was something "magical" about his family. Jake replied, "Trust me, there's something magical about you too," and hugged his father.


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  • Jonathan Long finally discovers his family's secret and is fine with it
  • Jake and Rose end up together although, "Being Human" made it seem that Jake and Danika Hunnicutt were starting to enter a relationship.
  • Though a third season was written and the series intended to be continued[citation needed], The Hong Kong Longs had to be the series finale of the show as Disney decided to cancel it after the second season.
  • In the episode "Dreamscape", Rose has a twin sister. Her sister is never seen or mentioned in this episode, as this error is carried out from "Homecoming". The reason for her absence is unclear; though it may have also been saved for the cancelled season three.


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