American Dragon Jake Long
The Hunted
The Hunted (12)
Season: 1
Production code: 120
Written by:
Eddie Guzelian
Directed by:
Christian Roman
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
January 29, 2006
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"The Hunted" is the twenty-fourth episode of the Disney Channel Original series American Dragon: Jake Long.


The adventure starts out with Jake in school, he is opening his locker to get some books, when he closes, he sees Rose beside him, and Rose says "Hey, Jake? Got a second?" Jake says "Yes I do! And look, it went bye-bye" but he trips and falls down the stairs.

Outside, Jake, Trixie and Spud are on the yard, Jake counts and then Rose appears, Jake is confused about his feeling and doesn't know what to do. He doesn't know if to run up to her and kiss her or incinerate her with a fireball.

While on the lookout in the city, the Huntsgirl appears, she makes Jake follow her up a train station, but when he goes in he is trapped by the Huntsman, but he goes past them and flies ahead. The Huntsman breaks some of the wires, so it makes one of the trains head in Jake's direction, he crashes with the train and gets knocked out.

In a vehicle he is locked up and chained with a Mermaid, a Giant, an unlucky leprechaun and a brownie with "some anger management problems" Jake tries to break the chain but he can't the mermaid, being really smart, tells Jake that it is impossible. Jake asks them that where are they and the mermaid says "According to the position of the moon, I guess we are the special guest to the Grand Equinox Hunt. Jake says "The what?"

In the woods the Huntsman explains what the Grand Equinox Hunt is and what they do. They let go the "prizes" and give them a head start, at midnight, they go out for them and hunt them, but the grand prize is the Huntsgirl prize, the American Dragon.

In the woods, Jake and the rest of the magical creatures are tied up; Jake manages to release his tail, but hides it so the Huntsgirl does not notice. Jake talks to the Huntsgirl, when she turns around Jake tries to get the key, but she turns around again and tells Jake that it is her destiny. She leaves, the mermaid tells him that it was a nice try, Jake shows her the key, and the giant yells "You got the key! You got the key" They manage to untie themselves from the wood, but the chain that leaves them stuck together they can't get it out.

While running away, the Huntsman and the Huntsgirl notice that Jake and the rest escaped, the Huntsman says that is the beginning of the Grand Equinox Hunt. They go hunting for them, Jake and the others are hiding behind a bush, Jake says to get ready for the American Airline Express, the Mermaid tells him that it is impossible, Jake tells her that he knows he can get them from the bushes to the other side, but they get stuck in a tree on their way. But the leprechaun sneezes that the Huntsclan notices them on the tree, Jake and the gang start running.

In a place full of gas, Jake cannot set off his fire, when the Huntsgirl starts firing, Jake gets a plan to break them free, he makes her shoot at the chains which gets them free. Jake shoots a flame which makes the Huntsclan run away. In a cave, Jake tells them about a plan that he has, the magical creatures tell him that they are not warriors, but Jake tells them that he will train them. When he tries to train the leprechaun he gets unlucky and a storm cloud appears on him. The boomerang that the giant throws hurts her and the mermaid cannot swim.

The next day that the Huntsclan comes, Jake goes on air to distract them, but the Huntsgirl captures Jake. In the campsite, the Huntsgirl is about to slay Jake, but the magical creatures come to the rescue, the Brownies takes on two Huntsclan, and the giant makes everyone faint with her feet smell. The leprechaun electrifies two of the Huntsclan, and the mermaid splashes them. She releases Jake, and Jake flies off and spits fireballs at the Huntsman. But this time the Huntsgirl traps Jake again, and this time she will slay him but Jake yells "Rose no!" the Huntsgirl says "What? What did you call me?" Jake says "Rose, if you want to say goodbye say it to my human face! Rose it's me, Jake." When Jake reverts back into a human, Rose is surprised, takes off her mask, slashes the ropes and runs away, but Jake trips trying to give chase, so he does not catch Rose.

In a telephone booth Jake calls Grandpa and Fu Dog to pick them up. When Jake, Grandpa and Fu Dog are talking about the Huntsgirl, Jake says that now things are going to be good between them. At school, Jake tells Trixie and Spud that there will be no more secrets, fighting now they can talk about it with no interruptions. Outside in the yard, when Jake counts, Rose does not appear. When he goes to the office, the principal tells Jake that she moved to a new school, thus, she left him a picture of them at the dance. The day ends with a depressed and heartbroken Jake saying "Aw, man!"


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  • When Jake is chained to a stake his hands are first at his side, then they're behind his back, and then they're back at his side.
  • Jake and the other creatures escaping while cuffed to each other may be a reference to the film The Defiant Ones.
  • This is the episode where Rose finds out that Jake is the American Dragon.
  • This is the 24th episode of Season One and the One Season Finale.
  • This episode was originally intended to be the series finale but the show was ultimately renewed to a new season.


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