American Dragon Jake Long

The Isle of Draco is a magical island that is the meeting place of the Dragon Council, and is also the site for an annual dragon summit[1], a gathering of the dragons of the world, many of which are also World Dragons, allowing them to meet, share techniques, and exchange ideas.

The Dragon Council reside in the Island which is a magically concealed and located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. This island's most important feature is the Dragon Castle which is very large and has a lot of foreign architecture, including ancient Egyptian, Greek, Arabian, European and Chinese architecture.

It has many rooms which contains a meeting room where the council can speak with dragons who have violated the rules of the order, as well as grounds for young dragons to be tested. A cafeteria where Dragons can eat, a showering station, a training hall where the statutes of the 13 magical threats are erected and a target practice range outside for fire breathing.


  • Test of Courage in Flight