American Dragon Jake Long
The Rotwood Files
Season: 2
Production code: 215
Written by:
Scott Gimple
Directed by:
Nicholas Filippi
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
November 18, 2006
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"The Rotwood Files" is the thirty-sixth episode of American Dragon: Jake Long.


When Jake changes a line in Principal Rotwood's speech, Rotwood is fired and is replaced by a much nicer principal named Sigmund Brock. Brock is seemingly nice, but is not what he seems. Brock is actually the man who got Rotwood started on his fascination with trying to expose magical creatures. At the same time, Spud hears Stacey say that she thinks sensitive guys are hot. He uses onions to make himself cry whenever Stacey is near. Jake and Rotwood team up to get Brock fired, but it fails and Rotwood finds out that Jake was the one who changed the lines on his telelprompter in the speech that got him fired. Rotwood leaves and Jake and his friends are shunned by the rest of the school for trying to get Brock, who everyone else thinks is awesome, fired. Jake and his friends try to break in again, only to find that Brock's office is laser alarmed and is swarming with magical creatures. Jake transforms and shuts off the alarm. Jake, Trixie, and Spud search the office for where Brock is keeping a vial of chemicals that can transform dragons into their true form. Spud is attacked by an over-sized magical beetle, but defeats it by somehow using his voice to make the onion smell much stronger. They are captured by Brock, who puts them in a cage and presents them before the school. He thinks that Spud is the dragon due to his extremely bad breath from eating onions, and uses his only vial of the chemicals that transform dragons. When nothing happens, the school rises up against Brock, and he is fired, while Rotwood gets his job back. Rotwood then approaches Jake at lunch and asks to shake his hand, as gratitude but Jake's hand starts to tremble and turns red and his nails becoming sharp claws. Rotwood reveals he has the last drops of the chemical in the vial strapped to his wrist. Jake tries to hide it though Rotwood tells Jake he does not need to hide his dragon form. He then explains he had always suspected that Jake was a dragon all along and he was not going to let Brock swoop in and take credit for his discovery. He vows to one day reveal this to the public. However, he states he has a school to run and leaves, saying he can wait to expose him later. Jake and his friends are left speechless that Rotwood now knows.


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  • In Spud's daydream with him and Stacey starring in their own sitcom, it's revealed that Stacey's last name is Wintergrin.
  • Judging by how Susan hit Rotwood with the broom, she still thinks he's crazy from "Shapeshifter".
  • Rotwood officially discovers Jake was a dragon, having previously suspected such in “Professor Rotwood's Thesis”.


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