American Dragon Jake Long
The Ski Trip
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Season: 1
Production code: 115
Written by:
Laura McCreary
Directed by:
Christian Roman
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
May 27, 2005
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"The Ski Trip" is the fourteenth episode of the Disney Channel Original series American Dragon: Jake Long.


Jake goes on a ski trip issued by the school and after their first date, he thinks that it's time to tell Rose that he's the American Dragon while on the trip. Along the way, there are many strange actions that Rose has been doing. After some weird discoveries, it now seems that the Huntsgirl is on the ski trip with the school. Also, Jake seems to have found out something new about Rose. Something that he thought was impossible becomes a reality.


During the winter, Jake and Rose are having their first date by building an old-fashioned snowman in Central Park, when Rose runs off to fetch wooden sticks for arms for the snowman they built, Jake uses his dragon fire to melt the snowman and turned it into an ice sculpture of Rose. When Rose returns, she is utterly impressed and they begin to share a kiss. However, when Jake reaches her lips, she is contacted by the Huntsman and apologizingly leaves the scene.

Later at school, Jake, Trixie, and Spud and the rest of the school are going on a ski trip. Jake discusses his experience with Rose prior, but Spud and Trixie are impatient by the fact that they haven't shared a kiss yet. Jake theorizes that they both don't have the time, as he is busy with his dragon duties and Rose's supposed 'aerobics' training. He then realizes, that his dragon duties are interfering with their relationship and he decides to tell Rose the truth about him being a dragon during this week's valentines

When they aboard the bus, Hans Rotwood angrily explains the rules and regulations of the trip. Jake is confident that not even Rotwood can spoil his plan to tell Rose the truth, but Trixie feels that Rose is not ready to know, despite this, Jake is determined to tell her whatsoever. When Rose aboards the bus, Jake tells her that there's space in his seat for her, but the impatient Rotwood grabs her and puts her with Brad's seat. Brad tells her that he is now changed and that he is more sensitive in attempt to impress her.

When they arrive at the Ski Lodge, Rotwood tells the students to form an orderly line to take their ski passes, due to excitement, the children run over Rotwood to immediately take the passes, injuring him. Jake and Trixie discover Spud confessing his love for the Ski lift, as before he was never able to ride on it due to that he has afraid of the ski lift.

Later, they walk through Lodge's rooms, where Trixie is about to enter her's when suddenly Jake discovers that her roommate is Rose. Jake pulls Trixie out, and asks her a favor to ask Rose what he thinks of Jake, Trixie is reluctant at first, until Jake tells her that she will be payed of doing it, and Trixie quickly begins to do her job. Jake then enters his room where he discovers that he is rooming with Brad, Brad then throws a football at Jake and Spud, and Spud crashes to another room where two girls are playing pillow fight. Jake tells Spud that this is not his room, but Spud continues to walk inside anyways resulting him being beatened by pillows by the two girls.

A couple of hours later, Hans Rotwood teaches his students on how to procede with the ski lift safely, but one of his crutches get caught on by the ski lift, resulting him to be severely injured again. Jake asks Trixie of what happened with her confrontation with Trixie by asking her many questions quickly, making Trixie unable to answer a single thing. Just then, Jake spots Rose and she begins to meet him, but Trixie tries to tell Jake to think his decision through as it is not easy to find out that a person is actually a magical dragon, suddenly Rose points and shouts out the word 'dragon', panicking Jake and Trixie until fortunately, she was only exclaiming Jake's skateboard, having the image of a dragon. Jake changes the subject, by asking to show her dragon-shaped birthmark. Suddenly Brad interrupts, by giving Rose a rose, for proof of his sensitivity and quickly drags her along with him on the ski lift, leaving Jake.

While Trixie tries to tell Jake to ease his obsession over Rose, Spud glances his eyes over the Ski lift in obsession. Tired, Trixie tries to teach him on how to overcome the Ski lift, by teaching him the position on how to get on board one. He fails his first attempt, and after many several humorous attempts he fails to get on board. Just then, Jake hears a distress from a magical creature, the Abominable Snowman, who is captured by the Huntsgirl. When the Huntsgirl contacts the Huntsman, she is ordered to take the creature back herself instead of the rest of the clan. She is suddenly ambushed by the American Dragon, she wonders how the dragon manage to locate her so quickly, she claims that the dragon was following her. In the ensuing duel, Jake manages to fend her off and she flees the scene. Before chasing her too, Jake shockingly spots that she dropped a Ski Pass. 

Later on at the Lounge, Jake discusses to Trixie and Spud his fight between the Huntsgirl and shows them the ski pass she dropped, Trixie tells him that only the students at their school has those ski passes, prompting Jake to conclude his claim that the Huntsgirl is present at their school. Jake suddenly attacks a mannequin, misunderstanding that it was the Huntsgirl due to extreme awareness. Trixie and Spud tells him to set a proper trap first for the Huntsgirl before attacking anyone else, while discussing, Rose is seen behind talking to the Huntsman explaining her failed capture and return of the creature prior, but she assures the Huntsman that she'll be bringing it back along with the American Dragon, which she is confident that she'll be able to slay it later at night. Just then, Jake finds her and misunderstands that he heard her saying that she was going sleighing. Jake wants to go sleighing with her tonight as he intends to tell the truth about him, but is again rudely interrupted by Brad and drags her along with him, Jake can only watch in anger but is reminded by Trixie that they have other big things to worry about.

Jake and Trixie dress Spud by Jake's leprechaun costume, and Spud begins talking like a leprechaun loudly back and forth around the halls, he lures a person and is quickly bagged by Jake only to discover, that it's only a hippie named Earl. Fortunately, Jake is able to convinced Earl he is only seeing things. Trixie tells the two to get to her room to discuss Jake's tackling people too far, when they soon enter they see Rose, intensively excercising. Trixie and the two exits, Trixie sees Rose in suspicion but Jake sees it as only that her aerobic excercises are making her even hot. 

Their next plan is to used the Lodge's microphone, and make an announcement that a person named "Huntsmaster" is calling, in the front desk. They wait for someone to walk by taking the bait, when it arrives, Jake quickly tackles it but discovers only a young and confused Russian lady only intending to go to the bathroom, and she hurringly leaves. When Jake tells Trixie and Spud to come up with another plan, Trixie tells him to quiet down as she spots Rose talking with Rotwood. Rose reports to Rotwood that her ski pass is missing, and asks that can she get another one. Rotwood allows it as he sees her ask so nicely, but when a person bumps into Rose, she body slams him to Rotwood making his injuries more severe, and Rose runs in guilt. Trixie tries to convince Jake what Rose did was suspicion, but is still blindly convinced that it was just one of her aerobics training.

Moments later, Brad tells Jake that news report that a blizzard is occuring later at night, and Brad sees this as an opportunity for Rose to comfort him, as he claims that girls go all snuggly when things get cold. Later on, Rotwood suffering badly from his injuries, begins to hallucinate and falls through a window resulting him to be severely injured again. Just then, Jake tells Trixie and Spud that he is ready to tell the truth about him to Rose before Brad seizes that opportunity. But, Trixie, tired of Jake still blinded by the obvious evidences that occured earlier with Rose, concludes that Rose is the Huntsgirl. Trixie is sorry for Jake to hear that, but she will not allow his friend to reveal the truth to his archenemy. Still caught up, Jake points out that Trixie might be Huntsgirl as she knows too much and is too sure, but Trixie tells him that if she were the Huntsgirl, Jake would've been slained by now.

When night dawns, Rose is about to set outside and Brad is about to seize his moment with her. Trixie gives Jake two choices: to trust them or to trust Rose. Obsessed by her and determined not to lose her to Brad, Jake chooses Rose, Trixie tries to stop him by grabbing him in the arm, Jake retaliates it by changing it to his dragon arm, slightly roasting Trixie's hand for her to let go and she backs off in fear but before Jake leaves, she tells him that to not return to them after he acknowledges they were right.

Outside, Brad calls out for Rose, who is mysteriously gone quickly, Brad is unaware that Jake is behind him. Jake uses his dragon eyes to locate her, he spots a figure up on the mountain which appears to be rose, but with a slight interferance with the blizzard he wipes his eyes, and when he sees the figure again, it changed into the figure of the Huntsgirl. Jake dragons up, and heads to the location. When Jake arrives he is quickly set into a trap by a small wooden and netted cage. Meanwhile at the lodge, despite Trixie being angry at Jake's inevitable pursuing with Rose, she and Spud are still worried about him and quickly sets out to find him, but they are blocked by Rotwood when they try to exit the lodge. But luckily, the heavy snow on the roof drops on top of him, and the two make their way. They find Jake's footprints, but discovers that he head towards the mountain. But, the blizzard will make it impossible for them to reach Jake on foot, so the only way to get to him fast is for Spud and Trixie to get on board the Ski Lift.

Jake struggles to escape the wooden cage, and he is about to be slain by the Huntsgirl. In quick thinking, he gets an airlift by the blowing winds of the storm and flies in effort to escape, but shortly after, he looses control and rolls down the mountain, turning him into a giant rolling snowball. Jake hits Brad causing him to be tossed off the side of the mountain, and turning him into a giant rolling snowball that makes its way to the lodge where it hits Hans Rotwood, about to be taken to the hospital. The Huntsgirl changes her staff into a snowboard for Jake to chase her, but Jake happens to be good at snowboarding gaining him the advantage and knocks off the Huntsgirl on her snowboard.

Pinned down, the Huntsgirl tries to flees but Jake uses the icicles for the Huntsgirl to stick near a tree settling her down. The Huntsgirl confidently tells Jake to finish the job as she claims the Huntsclan will find him, but Jake passes and takes off her glove revealing the same birthmark Rose had. Jake is shocked to learn that Trixie and Spud were telling the truth, just then the Huntsgirl breaks free and explains to him what he saw, saying it is the Mark of the Huntsclan, where it assures her destiny is to do one thing, and that is to slay dragons. Rose, now knowing that she's the Huntsgirl, grabs her staff for a final blow to Jake but her fighting taunt causes a massive avalanche to erupt, and she is consumed by the snow. Jake flying, grabs and rescues her despite the knowledge that she's the Huntsgirl.

Rose is confused why the American Dragon rescued her as they are mortal enemies, claiming that he may have forget, Jake wishes that he could have and is about to exit the scene. But Rose stops him, saying that though the dragon save her, it doesn't change her destiny and attempts to finish him off once and for all. Fortunately, Trixie and Spud jump over her from the ski lift and Spud grabs her, but caught up by his accomplishment with the ski lift, Rose manages to escape and flees. Trixie wonders why Jake isn't after her, he responds, ''let her go''.

The next day, Jake apologizes to Trixie and Spud of distrusting them, Trixie tells him that it's alright as Rose wasn't all that perfect anyway, she explains her experience with Rose being her roommate, that she snores very loudly and other annoying things Trixie continues to mention for Jake to cheered up. Hours later, when the students aboard the bus, they see Rotwood in deep pain from many severe injuries, also Brad suffering from a cold causing many women avoiding him. Meanwhile, Jake is still having trouble after last night's experience with Rose, just then Rose is seen on the bus apologizing to him that they didn't had the chance to hang out but is still wondering about what Jake wants to tell her, while asking Jake if his other side of the seat is taken. Recalling the terrible revelation, that shattered their good moments, about her, Jake ultimately dumps her by saying the other side of his seat is taken. Rose is omniously shocked and leaves to find another seat instead. Trixie, then wonders Spud's whereabouts.

Spud is revealed to be enjoying his time with the ski lift, after facing it last night. Spud is happy that the ski lift and him are together forever, but he dangles the ski lift so much that it causes him to fall off and plummets to the snow, but explaining first to the ski lift that he broke up with the ski lift first.


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  • Jake is seen using his powers in human form a total of 4 times (While making a snowman with Rose, when he hears a yeti in distress, to have Trixie release his arm, to see where Rose went).
  • When Brad is listing off things he got to impress Rose he takes out a candelabra but not candles.
  • This is the first episode the Grandpa and Fu Dog are absent in.


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