American Dragon Jake Long

"The Talented Mr. Long" is the third episode of the Disney Channel Original series American Dragon: Jake Long.


Jake must compete in the school talent show with Fu Dog as his ventriloquist sidekick to keep Professor Rotwood from unleashing a horrific creature trapped inside an ancient chalice, even if it means competing against Spud.


Professor Rotwood tried to steal the trophy for the winner of the talent competition, which he claimed that it had an imprisoned ancient evil djinn. However, he was caught by the police. Trying to run away, Rotwood grabbed the wrong trophy and went downstairs. He filled the trophy with water and tried to convince the police that there is an ancient evil djinn, but since he got the wrong trophy, nothing happens.

The next day, everyone figured out that someone tried to steal the trophy, and the principal kept it somewhere safe. Meanwhile, Spud was boasting to his friends that he will win the talent show with his magic tricks after several failures in the past three consecutive years. Later, at the class, Rotwood warns Brad about the punishment that he will undergo because of him getting several failures. As Rotwood and the other classmates leave, Spud tries displaying his magic tricks by taking the tablecloth of the desk without cluttering it, but unfortunately ends up cluttering it.

Just as Jake and Trixie clean the mess, Jake sees one of the books and realizes that the trophy is actually Taranushi's Chalice, and shows it to his grandpa, who explains that if the chalice is filled fully with water, it frees an evil, imprisoned genie. So now, Jake tried to get the trophy before Professor Rotwood did. However, since the principal had the trophy hidden, Jake had to enter the talent show, much to the dismay of Spud and Trixie. Now he was forced to go against his friend Spud, and he didn't want to, but his Grandpa told him that he had to.

Meanwhile, when Professor Rotwood is checking Brad's report cards, he calls Brad to display his skills in the talent show as a pianist in the rehearsal. At the rehearsal, everyone performed well, even Jake, who showed his ventriloquism skills along with Fu Dog as his sidekick. But Brad performed way badly, and later, teamed up with Rotwood to eliminate every contestant in the talent show so that they get the chalice.

On the day of the talent show, all of the contestants were facing unexpected problems while displaying their talents, much to the joy of Brad and Rotwood. Brad asks Spud to outdo Jake in the talent show, but Spud refuses so. Brad tricks Jake and Fu Dog into going to the bathroom exactly at the top of the hall, throws Fu straight into one of the toilets, causing him to get stuck, and locks the bathroom door.

After several struggles, Jake manages to get Fu, all when Brad exceptionally played the piano, but when he transforms into a dragon to unlock the bathroom door, he accidentally breaks the toilet due to him unleashing his lengthy tail, causing him to fall unconscious. Unbeknownst to him, water was released out in large numbers, and unbeknownst to the people in the auditorium and the contestants, small, tiny droplets slowly came down through the ceiling straight into the chalice one by one.

After Jake regains consciousness, he and Fu run to the hall, but by then, the chalice is fully runneth with water. Jake throws the chalice into Spud's hat, and Spud "unleashed" the ancient evil djinn from his hat. Jake had to transform into the American Dragon and fight the djinn, but Spud said the magical words and made the djinn disappear and become imprisoned again. Fu said that they have finally found the magical words. Jake dropped out of the competition and made Spud win.

Outside, Spud and Jake apologized to each other, and Spud gave the trophy to Jake. In Grandpa's shop, they told Grandpa what happened, and Grandpa explains that Jake may haven't followed the rules of being an American Dragon, but he respected his friend. When Grandpa asks Jake where the chalice is, Jake and Fu realize much to their horror that they lost the trophy somewhere around the sewers.


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  • Grandpa reveals that Fu Dog is 600 years old.
  • This episode debuts Principle Dolores Derceto.
  • This viewer learns a lot about Brad in this episode:
  • Brad is a football quarterback on the school's football team.
  • He has taken piano lessons for 12 years but is no good at it.
    • His last name is Morton.
    • He once dated a girl who was a Hog farmer.
    • This is the first episode where Jake and Brad form their rivalry as nemesis.
  • The incantation Abigo ere egi actum! are all Latin verbs that mean "to drive away; expel."
  • The Talented Mr. Long[1][2] is the third episode of season one and the seventh episode overall.


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