American Dragon Jake Long

The Talented Mr. Long

The History of the Taranushi's Chalice[]

  • Man: Taranushi's Chalice. For thousands of centuries, man and magical beast alike have fought to possess it. Countless lives have been lost in the quest to control the powers locked within it. Through fires, floods, and famine, the chalice has survived! And now, finally, for a small fee, it can be yours.

Rotwood's Failed Mission[]

Professor Rotwood's Class[]

  • Professor Rotwood: Which leads us to conclude that magical creatures are indeed among us. But, uh, rest assured... (YAWNS, MUMBLES) (SNORING)
  • Brad: Ha ha. I've never had a teacher so boring he puts himself to sleep.
  • Professor Rotwood: (LAUGHING MANIACALLY) Oh! Oh. So, we have a comedian on our hands. Well, here's a joke for you, Mr. Ha Ha. Knock-knock. Who's there? You're failing my class! And per school rules, any student who fails a class, even the star quarterback, loses his football eligibility. (LAUGHS) Hilarious. No? (BELL RINGS) Class dismissed.