Trixie Carter


Created By:
Jeff Goode
Voiced By:
Date Of Birth:
13 (season one)
14 (season two)[3]
Hair and Eye Color
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Trixie Carter[4][5] is one of Jake Long's best friends, and one of four non-magical humans to know he is the American Dragon.

She currently attends Millard Fillmore Middle School.


The Talented Mr. Long (25)

Trixie as she appears in season one


Trixie as she appears in season two

Trixie is a girl living in New York City. Her best friends are Jake Long and Spud. She is Jake's best bud, and only female friend. She is fully New York. Carter currently attends Millard Fillmore Middle School. Trixie loves helping Jake protect the magical community.


She is sassy, vivacious, and somewhat of a tomboyish character. Although initially annoyed at Jake for how long he kept his secret from her, she loves helping to protect the magical community. She is supportive of both Jake and Spud, but for a while, she has shown a dislike and distrust toward Rose and was a bit unsupportive of Jake's feelings for her[6], but soon started to accept their relationship. She even comforted Jake when the two of them broke up during the school's Valentine's Day field trip event[7]. After Rose nearly sacrificed herself to save Jake and every magical creature in the world[8], she tried to help Jake move on.

She is also a trustworthy friend because even though Jake's grandfather did not initially trust her and Spud, they kept Jake's dragon secret[9].

She can be very rude and inconsiderate because she threw away her longtime friendship with Spud and Jake just to be with the "cool" girls and have girl talk with the cheer squad. But in the end, she saves both of her friends and proves to be considerably loyal[10].

Physical appearance

Trixie is an African-American teenager. In season one, She wore a blue tank top with a red butterfly on it and a purple short sleeve shirt underneath. She also wore green jeans, and sneakers.

With the style and art change of season two, Trixie now has dark brown eyes compared to her black pupils, though her hairstyle is roughly the same. Her outfit is now a blue short sleeve hoodie with a picture of a panda on it with a lighter blue long sleeve shirt underneath. She also wears baggy olive green pants with gray sneakers.


Trixie's presumably an only child and her immediate family consists of herself, her mom, her dad and her grandmother (never confirmed in maternal or paternal). Trixie's dad is a fighter pilot for the United States Air Force[11] while her mother works for an airline (either as an attendant or a pilot). Since Trixie's parents are often away for long periods of time (more so in her dad's case), Trixie's grandmother appears to be her primary caregiver/parental figure.

Trixie's family appears to be relatively wealthy (or, at the very least, financially well-off), because Mrs. Carter often buys her daughter designer clothing whenever she goes out-of-town (such as to foreign countries). However, Trixie doesn't normally wear the clothes, as they aren't her usual style.[10].

Talents, Interests, and Abilities

Trixie has great talent in cheerleading, and acrobatics, although her fiasco with the Millard Fillmore Middle School cheer squad has turned her off from using them[10]. She enjoys skateboarding and hanging out with her friends. She also has a big interest in money, as well as great interests in biology and aspires to become "Doctor Trixie Carter"[12][13]. She is also able to hold her bladder for a long time as seen in a camping episode where she holds it a whole weekend[14].

Love Interests

She has a large obsession with another student in her school named Kyle Wilkins[7]. She constantly boasts about her crush and will let everyone know about it.

She also once accidentally flirts and dated with this one boy at a video game convention who she doesn't know and who is wearing a costume so she doesn't know who he is, thinking he was someone her age. She totally freaked out when she found out the truth about him. He turns up to be around 8 years, his height was boosted up by the help of his bulky costume, and the little brother of Kyle Wilkins[15].


  • "Ain't no thang, but a Chicken wang…"
  • "Yo Jakie!"
  • "Trixie, on the Ones and Twos!"
  • "Kyle Wilkins! THE Kyle Wilkins! Boy, he's so fine! Like lemon lime in the summertime! Mm!"
  • "Mama Trixie"
  • (to Lilo Pelekai) "That's my girl."

(Trixie in Morpholomew)

  • "I don't learn from my mistakes because I don't make any mistakes. So I learn from Jake's instead."
  • "So,what up you in or are you in"?


  • In the Season One intro, Trixie plays the electric guitar in Jake's imaginary band.
  • Her hair style is very similar to that of Holly from Phineas and Ferb, also a girl.
  • She uses the word "baby" a lot.
  • Trixie bears a close resemblance to, and shares last name with, Cleo Carter from Tutenstein, which is believed to also be set in (or around) New York.
  • Trixie was created by Eddie Guzelian and Matt Negrete.
  • However, she shares similarities with Jamal Johnson, an African-American character created by Jeff Goode who was meant to be Jake's male best friend.
  • Trixie helps Missing and Exploited Children. On her character profile in Jeff Goode's website is a link to an unavailable game called ID the Creep, an online game meant to have educated young teenagers of how to identity potential perverts through mock emails, instant messages, and chat rooms.[16]


Trixie Carter/Gallery


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