American Dragon Jake Long

Trolls are huge creatures that live in sewers or bridges. They can also have a single eye, like Stan Lipkowski. Some can be good and some can be bad.

Trolls can also have their belches used for ingredients to create potions such as "Shapeshifting potions" and "Portal Potions".

Trolls are interested in Leperchuan gold.

Jake once stopped two trolls attacking a Leperchuan, unaware they they wanted their gold back. Jake hired them to stop the Huntsclan to get one of the Aztec Skulls and he repays them a bag full of alot of Leperchaun gold and two golden motorcycles.


  • The Troll that the Kelpie used to transform was also seen in Magic Enemy #1.
  • In Shapeshifter, "Troll Belches" are slimy and the belches can be heard, but in Half-Baked, it is totally invinsible and only the noises can be heard.
  • Their fur can turn into monstrous hairball when burned by the fire or the sun. Also, Trolls themselves turn to stone when the sun hits them.