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It's a real cool show! Too bad, like most animated series, it was either canceled or got rushed! It should have been called Jake Long: American Dragon, it makes more sense and that was one of the original working titles.

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This is my idea of what the third (and possibly) final season could be (or even a potential comic book series like SLG comics Gargoyles):

  • Jake, Spud and Trixie attending high school, since they graduated middle school.
  • Professor Rotwood becomes the vice-principal in the high school. He is still spying on Jake and his friends.
  • Rose and her family returns to New York from China. Her memories of her "original" life as the Huntsgirl will slowly but gradually come back to her. Jake is happy she's back in his life. Rose is also reunited with her best friend Courtney.
  • Jonathan Long is still getting use to the fact that his family are dragons. He is worried a lot about his son Jake's purpose as the magical guardian.
  • The Dark Dragon would return someday and have his revenge. Councilor Chang and Bananas continue with their world-dominating schemes and somehow free Dark Dragon.
  • The Huntsman somehow escapes from the other dimension where the Huntsclan have been banished to. Not only will he renews his vendetta against magical creatures (dragons in particular, and Jake Long personally), but he'll also have his vengeance on Rose for her betrayal and having a relationship with a dragon. He may also consider Jonathan a "traitor" to the human race for being married to a dragon family and caring for them. Either he'll find a way to free the rest of the Huntsclan or rebuild it from the ground up (maybe both). If its the latter, the new Huntsclan will be a small (but growing) street gang of highly-skilled teenagers (similar to the Foot Clan from the TMNT movies).
  • Brad Morton would still bully Jake and his friends in high school. He will still go after Rose (and maybe her twin), even if he's suddenly chasing another girl while trying to hit on Rose, but he'll still come back to her.
  • Jake's relationship with Danika Honeycut becomes complicated now that Rose is back. So this would lead to a love triangle.
  • Spud's relationship with Stacy Wintergrin just didn't work out, so she broke up with him. Spud eventually has a crush on Rose's twin and the two start going out. Their relationship begins to bug Stacy, she becomes jealous and realizes her mistake.
  • There is animosity between Rose and Trixie. Trixie still has trouble accepting Rose, and likely still doesn't trust her, mostly because of what Rose did in "Homecoming". When she tells Trixie the Huntsman will kill her family if she doesn't, Trixie just says that she was "selfish" for nearly sacrificing all the magical creatures. Trixie just doesn't want Jake to get hurt. Eventually they'll overcome their differences and realize they have a lot in common and become best friends.
  • Huntsboys #88 and #89 come crawling back to the Huntsmaster after their attempts at going solo failed. Eventually they'll get sick and tired of his abuse and stray to Jake and the gang. They shed their Huntsclan uniforms, we see what they look like and learn their real names - #88's real name is Jamal and #89 is Brook. Jamal takes a liking to Trixie despite her going out with Kyle Williams; Brook and Spud become buddies. With their Huntsclan training skills and experiences (as much as they can learned anyway), they become Rose's 'sidekicks'.
  • Rose's twin sister and parents discover her secret and that magical creatures are real. At first, Rose's parents want their daughters to stay away from Jake and his family and friends. For some reason, Rose's mother is the most demanding. But they soon realize how much Rose loves Jake, something that brings a tear in Rose's mother's eyes. They become friends with the Longs and become a part of the secret.
  • Jake, Spud, Trixie, Rose, her twin sister, Jamal, and Brook form their own group (or "clique") in high school. They even sit together on the same lunch table. While in the magical world, with Luong Lao Shi and Fu Dog, they are called "Team Dragon".
  • Trixie's relationship with Kyle becomes complicated with Jake's missions interrupting their dates or forcing her to cancel them. Kyle argues with her, telling her she is "constantly unreliable". He thinks perhaps they should "take a break" from each other for awhile until she can tell him the truth. Trixie contemplates this to the team about her telling Kyle the truth. Jake's grandpa is against this of course, as mortals are allowed to know (they already have enough people who know). Jake on the other hand fears Kyle would be placed in the same danger that he almost put his dad through ("Hero of the Hourglass"). When she and Kyle meet up again, she told him that she can't tell him the truth. Heartbroken, Kyle says he wants to breaks up. Trixie, realizes there's no other way, agrees. It ends with both of them walking away in opposite directions, with sad tears.
  • Sigmund Brock (from "The Rotwood Files") returns to find the dragon. Since he knows it wasn't Spud as he originally thought, he'll realize that it must be Jake. He may be working for (or created) a top-secret black-ops facility who are searching for magical creatures to experiment on and using them as weapons of warfare (similar to DC Comics' Project Cadmus). They are completely different from the Huntsclan, that only wants all magical creatures destroyed. So there will be a sort of "secret war" between them. Ironically, the university that fired Rotwood was bankrolling the facility. That leaves the question whether they find the existence of magical creatures plausible after viewing Brock's research or they've known the existence long before Rotwood ever did but fired him because he refused to be silent about the subject. Of course, Rotwood didn't know that they knew.
  • It'll be eventually discovered that the Huntsman really IS Rose's uncle. A startling revelation is that Rose's mother is actually the Huntsman's sister! She was a member of the Huntsclan, and was one of the best alongside her brother. Their family was one of the well-respected and most influential members in the clan. But she questions the purpose of the clan, this sort of behavior makes her an outsider in both the clan and her family, especially when she sees how magnificent and beautiful these magical creatures are. She was friends with one (like a griffin or a dragon) that can turn human, but the creature was ambushed and ended up with its head (in griffin or dragon form) mounted on a wall. She was devastated by this upon seeing her friend as a trophy animal. She hugs its lifeless head and told it she was so sorry. It was then and there that she realize that the Huntsclan is evil and defect from the clan (a move that's considered treason and punishable by death). Huntsman was not happy by this at all, as it disgraced their family. In fact, he was so angry at her betrayal that he no longer sees her as his sister anymore. She laid low and changed her name to ___ Griffin (her true name was ___ Killdragonosa, she doesn't use her first name in her alias). She eventually meet and fall in love with her future husband and Rose's father. One day, a crook stole a lady's purse, but Rose's mother stopped him using her Huntsman skills. However, one of the spectators in the crowd who witness her heroics was a Huntsman spy (it's possible the purse-snatcher was set up to get her out in the open). As payback for leaving the clan and shaming the family, the Huntsman kidnapped Rose was she was born (however, thanks to Jake, that never happened).
  • Yang Jake, Jake Long's evil twin from "The Doppelganger Gang", returns. He works for Dark Dragon. The Dark Dragon sees him as a more suitable pupil then Jake ever would be. But Yang double-crosses him just as Dark Dragon was about to become all-powerful and kills him! (Like how Brainiac-possessed Brainiac 5 betrayed Imperiex in Legion of Super-Heroes.) He doesn't just kill him, he absorbs his power and essence, becoming even more powerful and his dragon form is a fusion of Jake's and the Dark Dragon's. Yang Jake then forces Councilor Chang and Bananas to serve him or join their former master in death. Fearing for their lives, they comply. They eventually teamed-up with the good guys to defeat Yang Jake.
  • Rose's mother, donning her discarded Huntsclan uniform, help her daughter in the battle against an all-powerful Yang Jake.
  • While this battle was occurring, Kyle overheard from the gang that Trixie and the others are in danger. He went to the shop since he knows that's where she usually hangs out with the gang. Upon arriving, he discovers the existence of the magical world and that Jake is a dragon. He comes to realize that's what Trixie was hiding. He came to help in the battle against Yang Jake. After the battle, he told Trixie that he understands and they get back together.
  • Jasmine Jake's former date from "Dragon Breath"
  • Jake Long Junior is Jake Long's and (presumable mother Rose)'s son from "Bite Father, Bite Son"
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